Weather cancels Kvitfjell DH training

27 February 2014 11:45
Wet conditions in Kvitfjell
Wet conditions in Kvitfjell -

KVITFJELL, Norway – Despite the best efforts by the Organizer, the weather dictated the schedule of the first planned downhill training in Kvitfjell. A tick layer of fog in the upper section and a rainy bottom one made it impossible for the Jury to give today’s run a go and after two Jury inspection, all parties came to the agreement that today’s program would have to be cancelled.

A first inspection of the course this morning already made it clear that it might be tough to run a training. With the hope that the weather could turn for the better, athletes were called out for inspection but allowed on the course only from the Russi Jump as visibility was exceptionally low above that point.

After the athletes’ inspection, the Jury, the Organizer and Werner Heel, the appointed Athletes’’ Representative for the Kvitfjell downhill did a second Jury inspection to evaluate conditions and decide how to proceed. After checking out the course, a joint agreement was made and the conditions were declared too on the limit to allow for a training run. 

With today’s training cancelled, a plan has been put in place to give tomorrow’s race the best possible chance. Therefore, a training run starting at Russi Jump is scheduled for 9.30 on Friday, followed by the race.