Wengen week starts with Peter Fill clocking the fastest time

10 January 2017 13:15
Max Franz in Wengen
Max Franz in Wengen -
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The Lauberhorn Races kicked off today with a first downhill training in the Swiss village of Wengen. Despite lack of snow and mild temperatures in the weeks leading up to the race week-end, the investment made in the snow making system paid off, and the organisers were able to produce snow and prepare a high quality race track in time for the first training run.

Weather continued to influence the race program, as snowfall was scheduled to come in around noon time. The jury decided to adapt the program accordingly and planned a 10.15 CET start and lowered the start to the Alpine Combined start.

Peter Fills is the one who tackled the course the best, crossing the finish line with a time of 1:45.55-The Italian downhill globe winner could benefit from his experience of 317 World Cup races, including 12 Lauberhorn downhills, to push a little harder and clock the fastest time.

Val Gardena winner Max Franz from Austria took second place, only +0.11 off Fill’s pace, as local Beat Feuz, winner of the 2012 edidion, is +0.16 behind.

An outlook to the weather forecast for the week shows that heavy snowfall has to be expected. Therefore, the jury looked into different options for the race schedule.

The Alpine Combined has been confirmed on Friday, with a possibility of switching the two runs (start with slalom instead of downhill) in case of unfavourable weather forecast. Final decision will be taken the day before, on Thursday, at 16.00 CET.

On the week-end, the program foresees a downhill on Saturday and a slalom on Sunday. It is possible, that the two disciplines switch days, in case the weather is meant to be better on Sunday than Saturday. For logistical reasons, this decision has to be taken further ahead. Jury will announce on Thursday, at 11.00.