Werner Heel: "Success with a great and motivated team"

11 May 2013 20:50
Werner Heel
Werner Heel -

Werner Heel is back. After two less than successful seasons Heel, who lives in Meran, was very happy with his results last season. It seems that the racer who has scored nine podiums in his career (three victories) has returned to his previous form. In this interview courtesy of skiweltcup.tv, Heel speaks about the new equipment, his current training and the Olympic dream in Sochi 2014, after he missed the podium in Vancouver by a hair (0,02 sec!).

skiweltcup.tv: Werner, you probably started skiing at the age of three or four. What's your advice to parents who want to go skiing with their kids for the first time…

Heel: The main thing is to make skiing fun and present skiing as a healthy and fun leisure activity. 

skiweltcup.tv: Back to present: The World Champs Season 2012/13 is over. How would you describe your season?

Heel: I exceeded my goals, am finally back, and we will have fun in the future. (laughs)

skiweltcup.tv: There are five skiers from South Tyrol in the top 25 of the world in super-G. Why is that?

Heel: We are a great team, we help each other and push each other further.

skiweltcup.tv: Question about the equipment: how do you personally see the equipment change that created a lot of discussion previously?

Heel: Some things could be further improved. For better or worse, what was not right was the process chosen by FIS, as again the opinion of the athletes was simply ignored. That will have to change for the future.

skiweltcup.tv: How does your training look during the off season? Or are you planning some R&R?

Heel: I got started a few weeks again very easily, but now I am back in full training again. Tests, cycling and dryland are on the schedule in the upcoming weeks.

skiweltcup.tv: As a ski racer you are often pushing your limits. How do you take it in your time off?

Heel: Also tend to be pushing the limits oftentimes, but I am growing up and becoming more mature. (smiles)

skiweltcup.tv: Do you have any time for hobbys in your life that is so focused on racing?

Heel: Absolutely, in the past few years, surely thanks to the lack of results, I have learnt to make a distinction between my profession (ski racing) and hobbies (leisure and private life). I now enjoy both sides more thoroughly.

skiweltcup.tv: The unquestionable highlight of next season will be the Sochi 2014 Games. What is your goal for the coming winter?

Heel: If I am not mistaken, I should have some credit left from Vancouver. (laughs) Jokes aside: I will try to give it my best. The goal is to score top results in both speed events, super-G and downhill.

skiweltcup.tv: Is there something you'd like to offer to the readers that you have yet to have a chance to share?

Heel: In skiing it would surely be time for structural changes if we do not want to lose even more ground to other sports. A professional cost-benefit analysis without having to say "That is how it is" or "That won't work" would do good for the sport of ski racing.


Interview conducted for skiweltcup.tv by Andreas Raffeiner - German Original here.