What is France's Anemone Marmottan doing in spring?

18 April 2011 12:36

The season is not completely over for the French skiers, whose medals from the 2010/11 season were distributed to different global headquarters of the BPCE (Banque Populaire Caisse d'Epargne) last week. Anemone Marmottan wanted to make the trip to Paris with the other French medalists to the headquarters of the BPCE and the Sports Ministry. A broad smile lit up the face of Anemone Marmottan when she talked about the short trip to Paris last week. Marmottan suffered a fractured tibia fibula of her right leg in the 2010-2011 season, in which she rose in the hierarchy within the French team winning gold at the worlds in Garmisch in the team event.

"I am happy to be here. It was my cousin who brought me here by car ... I had a medical examination on April 6 and all is well. I can go back resting my leg. I'll start slowly to work on my rehabilitation and getting back into shape. I finished my week of class at the EMHM (School Military Mountain Chamonix). With regard to me getting back on snow, the time schedule is not totally known yet,” the French skier from Tignes said and added "This lesion is not comparable to a knee injury with a clearly defined healing process... It's really also a personal rehabilitation." What did she do during her recovery phase? "Lately, I went to my classes at the EMHM. I am a hunter but it was very nice to discover a new world, "said the French skier.

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