Who is the Strongest Swiss Ski man?

03 September 2013 12:39
Swiss Ski Strongest Man
Swiss Ski Strongest Man -

The most efficient way of getting stronger is working hard, but last week the Swiss Team proved that hard work can be fun as well.


During the last day of their traditional weeklong dry land camp in Gstaad, the conditioning coach came up with something special. A “Strongest Man” type of competition for the skiers, where they had seven disciplines to prove they are the strongest guy in the team.

They had to pull the Swiss Ski van (which is over two tons) with their arms and repeat the task with the legs, move logs, roll a round concrete element, throw truck tires, sprint while carrying weights and toss a medicine ball – all tasks requiring a lot of power.

The one who completed the seven tasks the fastest was named "Strongest Man". It came as no surprise that “two-meter man” Marc Gisin crushed his competition and won the title. The closes ones to Gini’s time were Reto Schmidiger and Nils Mani who took second and third.

Apart from the bragging rights that come with beating your teammates, the guys walked home with some seriously sore muscles… But that’s part of the game!

Here is the final ranking (only athletes who were able to complete all seven disciplines):

1 Marc Gisin Total time 319.5 seconds

2 Reto Schmidiger 406.5

3 Nils Mani 413.3

4 Markus Vogel 415.7

5 Justin Murisier 426.6

6 Daniel Yule 429.4

7 Patrick Kueng 429.6

8 Marc Berthod 471.9

9 Thomas Tumler 487.9

10th Gino Caviezel 498.0

11th Manuel Pleisch 519.2