Zahrobska back in training

01 September 2012 19:52
Sarka Zahrobska smiling
Sarka Zahrobska smiling -

Czech slalom specialist Sarka Zahrobska has overcome her health problems and has resumed preparation for the upcoming season. In mid-November, the World Champion from 2007 plans to return to racing at the Slalom Opening in Levi.

Sarka Zahrobska had a benign brain tumour, which was removed in July. Since then, she has been recovering and three weeks ago started dry land training for the new season. "Naturally we have re-started very carefully, now the workouts combine endurance and balance, we went running for an hour,“ Zahrobska’s coach Klaus Mayrhofer explained.

Zahrobska has to be careful in training and must avoid certain exercises. "We have been training in a similar way as before but the loads have been of course smaller. We have not included interval units, running and training with obstacles for example,“ Záhrobská said.

She has not skied since the operation but plans to return on snow shortly.

"On Monday we are heading to an indoor ski hall in Germany and on 9th September we are flying to Argentina. I was afraid I would miss that but luckily we could postpone the camp. I’m now in a good enough shape to make the trip."

Health problems did not impact Zahronbska’s fighting spirit: "I did not think about quitting skiing for a single moment,“ she said.

Sarka Zahrobska likes to train and getting in decent shape was not a problem for her.

"I was very weak at the beginning - when I went for a walk I had to relax after 10 minutes. Now, after three weeks I feel good,“ the Czech ace smiles. "I look forward to  skiing again. After all, four months is a long time and I have never been without skis for such a long time. Health is definitely a priority but I would not be a racer if I did not want to be winning again. Motivation and ambitions are still there,“ Záhrobská says.

The benign tumour could have affected Zahrobska’s performance recently, doctors say. It’s hard to say how long she had it, but her performance could improve again.

"I definitely feel better than I did before. Many things are easier for me than before and I look very much forward to testing these sensations on skis,“ Záhrobská concluded.

Source: Czech Ski Association