a.k.a. Diggs

United States of America
Languages: English
Birth place: Afton, Minnesota
Residence: Afton, Minnesota
Skis: Salomon
Bindings: Salomon
Boots: Salomon
Education: High School
Marital Status: Single
Hobbies: Reading, camping, swimming, hanging out with friends
Ski Club: Stratton Mountain School
National Coach: Jason Cork
Personal Coach: Kris Hansen
Othersports: Running, swimming, soccer
  • During the 2016 FIS Tour de Ski Jessica (Jessie) Diggins became the first US female to ever win an FIS World Cup 5 km free technique interval start competition when she won the stage 6 event in Toblach, Italy.  Two weeks later she returned to the podium with a third place finish in the 10 km free technique interval start competition in Nove Mesto, Czech.  This marked her first and second career individual World Cup podiums.  

    Twice during the 2015-16 season Diggins has anchored the US ladies' relay to podium finishes.  First a third place finish in December in Lillehammer, Norway and most recently to second place in Nove Mesto on January 24, 2016. The second place relay finish was a best ever result for the US ladies' team.  

    In 2013, Diggins became an FIS World Champion in the team sprint event with teammate Kikkan Randall and followed up on that gold medal performance with an individual silver medal at the 2015 FIS World Championships in Falun, Sweden in the 10 km free technique interval start.  

    FIS World Cup statistics

    FIS World Cup starts (including WC stage events) 97 (only individual)
    FIS World Cup podiums (including WC stage events) 2 (only individual)
    FIS World Cup Victories (including WC stage events) 1 (only individual)

    FIS World Ski Championships starts 11 (Indiv.: 6 + Team: 5)
    FIS World Ski Championships podiums 2 (Indiv.: 1 + Team: 1)
    FIS World Ski Championships Victories 1 (Indiv.: 0 + Team: 1)

    Olympics Games starts 4 (Indiv.: 3 + Team: 1)

    First competions
    First WC start 20.02.2011 Drammen (NOR), SP
    First WC podium 08.01.2016 Toblach (ITA), 5k, rank:1


    After winning five U.S. junior titles and capturing three state championships in Minnesota, Jessie Diggins took a year between high school and college to focus on racing with the Central Cross Country Elite Team. The gamble landed her a spot on the U.S. Ski Team for 2012 after she won her first U.S. title in 2011, swept to four Marriott Junior Championship wins and landed a spot on the World Championship team, scoring two top-30s. After winning all four titles at the 2012 U.S. Championships in Maine in January, the 21-year-old took the World Cup by storm with a breakthrough year. In just her third World Cup start, Diggins teamed up with Kikkan Randall to podium in a team sprint, then went on to record eight point-scoring finishes including a fifth in a 10k freestyle mass start in Russia. And she played a key role in the U.S. women’s record fifth place relay in Nove Mesto, CZE. Diggins’ focus for 2013 is on a top-10 at World Championships plus earning a spot on the U.S. women’s relay team, which could contend for a medal. She’s also targeting the FIS top-seeded Red Group in both sprint and distance. She will be joining the Stratton Mountain School's Elites as her domestic club team for the season.
    The past season has been such a great success in every way imaginable. We had a great team atmosphere, talented coaches and staff, positive travel experiences and my first full year on the World Cup couldn't have gone any better. It left me motivated to train hard for next years goals, and excited for years to come traveling the World Cup circuit. All the athletes and coaches really pulled together and created such a positive racing environment that helped us all have breakthrough results this year.


    With a family that loved being active and outdoors, Diggins joined the Minnesota Youth Ski League when she was 3. She started by just skiing with friends on Sundays but gradually expanded to every day of the week as she joined the high school ski team and then CXC.

    When she's not skiing, Jessie loves to be active in other ways like running, swimming, dancing or pick-up soccer games. She likes to read and play violin and she loves artsy-crafty projects.



Latest World Cup Results

1687312.03.2016Overall StandingsSki Tour CanadaCANWorld Cup515.62
1685321.02.2016Skiathlon7.5km/7.5km C/FLahtiFINWorld Cup1789.27
1685220.02.2016SP F FinalLahtiFINWorld Cup2
1685220.02.2016SP F QualLahtiFINQualification29.56
1684614.02.201610 km F MstFalunSWEWorld Cup428.84
1684513.02.20165 km CFalunSWEWorld Cup535.89
1684311.02.2016SP C FinalStockholmSWEWorld Cup15
1684311.02.2016SP C QualStockholmSWEQualification2132.35
1683907.02.201630 km C MstOsloNORWorld Cup25128.07
1683503.02.2016SP C FinalDrammenNORWorld Cup13
1683503.02.2016SP C QualDrammenNORQualification747.99
1682423.01.201610 km FNove Mesto na MoraveCZEWorld Cup34.93
1681110.01.20169 km F PursuitVal di Fiemme (FIS Tour de Ski)ITAStage World Cup10107.26
1681110.01.2016Overall StandingsFIS Tour de SkiFISWorld Cup1056.50
1681009.01.201610 km C MstVal di Fiemme (FIS Tour de Ski)ITAStage World Cup1784.81
1680908.01.20165 km FToblach (FIS Tour de Ski)ITAStage World Cup10.00
1680706.01.201610 km C MstOberstdorf (FIS Tour de Ski)GERStage World Cup23119.35
1680605.01.2016SP C FinalOberstdorf (FIS Tour de Ski)GERStage World Cup21
1680605.01.2016SP C QualOberstdorf (FIS Tour de Ski)GERQualification1164.10
1680403.01.20165 km F PursuitLenzerheide (FIS Tour de Ski)SUIStage World Cup842.27
1680302.01.201615 km C MstLenzerheide (FIS Tour de Ski)SUIStage World Cup1292.74
1680201.01.2016SP F FinalLenzerheide (FIS Tour de Ski)SUIStage World Cup8
1680201.01.2016SP F QualLenzerheide (FIS Tour de Ski)SUIQualification1436.99
1679020.12.201510 km CToblachITAWorld Cup2062.83
1678919.12.2015SP F FinalToblachITAWorld Cup22
1678919.12.2015SP F QualToblachITAQualification921.10
1678313.12.2015SP F FinalDavosSUIWorld Cup9
1678313.12.2015SP F QualDavosSUIQualification1342.27
1678212.12.201515 km FDavosSUIWorld Cup1146.31
1677505.12.2015Skiathlon7.5km/7.5km C/FLillehammerNORWorld Cup26128.65
1676929.11.201510 km C PursuitRukaFINStage World Cup38109.60
1676929.11.2015Overall StandingsRukaFINWorld Cup3862.93
1676828.11.20155 km FRukaFINStage World Cup1651.01
1676727.11.2015SP C FinalRukaFINStage World Cup25
1676727.11.2015SP C QualRukaFINQualification2973.37