Maiken Caspersen FALLA

Maiken Caspersen FALLA
Residence: Lillehammer
Skis: Fischer
Ski Club: Gjerdrum IL
National Coach: Egil Kristiansen
Personal Coach: Jon Arne Schjetne

    • Maiken Caspersen Falla got her first skis when she was four


    • World Cup debut in 2008 in Kuusamo after showing a great performance at the national opening in Beitostoelen
    • First World Cup podium already one month later – in December 2008 third place in Düsseldorf
    • FIS Junior Nordic World Ski Champion 2009 in Praz de Lyz in the relay and bronze medal in sprint behind Ingvild Flugstad Oestberg and Hanna Brodin
    • FIS Nordic World Ski Championships debut in 2009 in Liberec
    • First Winter Olympic Games in 2010
    • off with the sprint victory at the national opening in Beitostoelen...continued with the team sprint victory in Liberec with Marit Bjoergen whilst at the season highlight, the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Oslo she won the bronze medal in the team sprint classic with her team mate Astrid Jacobsen...Falla concluded the season in 6th in the overall sprint World Cup
    • In the 2012-13 season Falla has continued to establish herself in the top international scene
    • She took her second World Cup victory in Canmore when she beat American Kikkan Randall in a tough finish
    • She claimed first big invidiual medal. At the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2013 in Val di Fiemme she won bronze in the sprint classic


    • Maiken Caspersen Falla has a twin brother - Marius – who is competing as well in Norway as a Cross-Country skier
    • Falla went to the Hovden Ski High School, which is situated in the biggest ski resort in south of Norway
    • She is strong in sprint (both techniques)
    • Falla started to study economics and administration in Lillehammer. She studies half time. „Skiing has still the first priority I have never skipped a training session for school,“ stated Falla.





Latest World Cup Results

1687312.03.2016Overall StandingsSki Tour CanadaCANWorld Cup1035.46
1685321.02.2016Skiathlon7.5km/7.5km C/FLahtiFINWorld Cup457.80
1685220.02.2016SP F FinalLahtiFINWorld Cup1
1685220.02.2016SP F QualLahtiFINQualification310.30
1684513.02.20165 km CFalunSWEWorld Cup1250.27
1684311.02.2016SP C FinalStockholmSWEWorld Cup1
1684311.02.2016SP C QualStockholmSWEQualification10.00
1683503.02.2016SP C FinalDrammenNORWorld Cup1
1683503.02.2016SP C QualDrammenNORQualification1556.53
1681716.01.2016SP F FinalPlanicaSLOWorld Cup45
1681716.01.2016SP F QualPlanicaSLOQualification45113.31
1680201.01.2016SP F FinalLenzerheide (FIS Tour de Ski)SUIStage World Cup1
1680201.01.2016SP F QualLenzerheide (FIS Tour de Ski)SUIQualification726.92
1678919.12.2015SP F FinalToblachITAWorld Cup1
1678919.12.2015SP F QualToblachITAQualification21.91
1678313.12.2015SP F FinalDavosSUIWorld Cup2
1678313.12.2015SP F QualDavosSUIQualification832.58
1677505.12.2015Skiathlon7.5km/7.5km C/FLillehammerNORWorld Cup563.99
1676929.11.201510 km C PursuitRukaFINStage World Cup1063.20
1676929.11.2015Overall StandingsRukaFINWorld Cup1032.61
1676828.11.20155 km FRukaFINStage World Cup2558.38
1676727.11.2015SP C FinalRukaFINStage World Cup1
1676727.11.2015SP C QualRukaFINQualification10.00