Therese JOHAUG

Therese JOHAUG
Residence: Os
Skis: Fischer
Boots: Fischer
Ski Club: IL Nansen
National Coach: Egil Kristiansen

    • Therese Johaug stepped on the international circuit with a big bang already iny 2006/07 season
    • In January 2007 at the age of 18, she finished third at the Norwegian Championships in Skiathlon and was nominated to go to World Cup in Otepää
    • She hot a ticket for the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2007 in Sapporo where she captured bronze in 30 km mass start classic
    • Right after, she went to the Junior World Ski Championships in Tarvisio and took bronze medal in skiathlon
    • First World Cup podium 2007 in Falun – 3rd place in pursuit
    • In 2008, Johaug stunned everyone with a triple success in Malles at the FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships – gold medal in 5 km classic, 5km+5km skiathlon and 4x3.3km relay
    • At the 2009 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships she finished 3 times among top 6
    • In 2010 at her first Olympic Winter Games Johaug became the Olympic Champion in 4x5km relay
    • In 2011, Johaug won World Champion title in 30 km free and in relay on the home soil in Oslo and won the bronze medal in 7.5km+7.5km skiathlon
    • First World Cup win in Lahti 2012 – 7.5km+7.5km skiathlon
    • In the 2011/12 season Johaug landed on the individual World Cup podium 8 times and added 7 podiums in Stage World Cups
    • She had impressive Tour de Ski and conquered to times second and one third place in the overall standing
    • Last winter Johaug stepped six times on the World Cup podium and finished in second place in the FIS Tour de Ski 2013 and World Cup Final 2013
    • At the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Val di Fiemme 2013 she won two gold medals – 10 km free and 4x5km relay, silver in the 7.5km+7.5km skiathlon and bronze in the 30 km mass start classic
    • Johaug concluded the 2012/13 season in second place behind Justyna Kowalczyk


    • Therese Johaug is nicknamed “Duracell” thanks to her high frequency and speed
    • She took part in an action for UNICEF in spring 2011 where UNICEF made an exhibition of 70 pictures from celebrities without any make up
    • She likes photo-shootings and fashion. She did photo shooting campaign for several Norwegian companies such as Eger
    • She was raised on a farm in Dalbygda and studies economics in Trondheim
    • Last winter she started her own clothing line, first product is racing gloves



Latest World Cup Results

1687312.03.2016Overall StandingsSki Tour CanadaCANWorld Cup10.00
1685321.02.2016Skiathlon7.5km/7.5km C/FLahtiFINWorld Cup10.00
1685220.02.2016SP F FinalLahtiFINWorld Cup7
1685220.02.2016SP F QualLahtiFINQualification2357.14
1684614.02.201610 km F MstFalunSWEWorld Cup10.00
1684513.02.20165 km CFalunSWEWorld Cup10.00
1683907.02.201630 km C MstOsloNORWorld Cup10.00
1682423.01.201610 km FNove Mesto na MoraveCZEWorld Cup10.00
1681110.01.20169 km F PursuitVal di Fiemme (FIS Tour de Ski)ITAStage World Cup10.00
1681110.01.2016Overall StandingsFIS Tour de SkiFISWorld Cup10.00
1681009.01.201610 km C MstVal di Fiemme (FIS Tour de Ski)ITAStage World Cup34.94
1680908.01.20165 km FToblach (FIS Tour de Ski)ITAStage World Cup59.65
1680706.01.201610 km C MstOberstdorf (FIS Tour de Ski)GERStage World Cup10.00
1680605.01.2016SP C FinalOberstdorf (FIS Tour de Ski)GERStage World Cup5
1680605.01.2016SP C QualOberstdorf (FIS Tour de Ski)GERQualification1058.57
1680403.01.20165 km F PursuitLenzerheide (FIS Tour de Ski)SUIStage World Cup221.29
1680302.01.201615 km C MstLenzerheide (FIS Tour de Ski)SUIStage World Cup10.00
1680201.01.2016SP F FinalLenzerheide (FIS Tour de Ski)SUIStage World Cup15
1680201.01.2016SP F QualLenzerheide (FIS Tour de Ski)SUIQualification2354.42
1679020.12.201510 km CToblachITAWorld Cup10.00
1678919.12.2015SP F FinalToblachITAWorld Cup32
1678919.12.2015SP F QualToblachITAQualification3249.36
1678313.12.2015SP F FinalDavosSUIWorld Cup19
1678313.12.2015SP F QualDavosSUIQualification2869.52
1678212.12.201515 km FDavosSUIWorld Cup10.00
1677505.12.2015Skiathlon7.5km/7.5km C/FLillehammerNORWorld Cup10.00
1676929.11.201510 km C PursuitRukaFINStage World Cup10.00
1676929.11.2015Overall StandingsRukaFINWorld Cup10.00
1676828.11.20155 km FRukaFINStage World Cup10.00
1676727.11.2015SP C FinalRukaFINStage World Cup18
1676727.11.2015SP C QualRukaFINQualification1554.38