Finn Haagen KROGH

Finn Haagen Krogh
Residence: Alta
Skis: Fischer
Ski Club: Tverrelvdalen Il
National Coach: Sjur Ole Svarstad

    • Krogh is young promising athlete for the Norwegian squad
    • Strong performance at the FIS Junior World Ski Championships in Hinterzarten 2010 – gold medal in 4x5 km relay with Didrik Tonset, Paal Golberg and Tomas Northug, bronze medal in 20 km Skiathlon
    • 2011 – breakthrough season. First World Cup start in Liberec
    • First World Cup podium came during the World Cup Final. He beat Dario Cologna on the last stage of the World Cup Final and finished behind Petter Northug Jr. in second place.
    • Very good 2012/13 season. First victory on the World Cup level in Val Müstair, third place in sprint freee in Lahti and again strong performance at the World Cup Final 2013 – again second behind Petter Northug Jr.

Latest World Cup Results

1687312.03.2016Overall StandingsSki Tour CanadaCANWorld Cup917.50
1685321.02.2016Skiathlon15km/15km C/FLahtiFINWorld Cup21.63
1685220.02.2016SP F FinalLahtiFINWorld Cup2
1685220.02.2016SP F QualLahtiFINQualification314.92
1684614.02.201615 km F MstFalunSWEWorld Cup50.74
1684513.02.201610 km CFalunSWEWorld Cup3240.67
1684311.02.2016SP C FinalStockholmSWEWorld Cup4
1684311.02.2016SP C QualStockholmSWEQualification1036.72
1683503.02.2016SP C FinalDrammenNORWorld Cup4
1683503.02.2016SP C QualDrammenNORQualification623.42
1682423.01.201615 km FNove Mesto na MoraveCZEWorld Cup512.79
1681110.01.20169 km F PursuitVal di Fiemme (FIS Tour de Ski)ITAStage World Cup29.29
1681110.01.2016Overall StandingsFIS Tour de SkiFISWorld Cup211.48
1681009.01.201615 km C MstVal di Fiemme (FIS Tour de Ski)ITAStage World Cup518.06
1680908.01.201610 km FToblach (FIS Tour de Ski)ITAStage World Cup10.00
1680706.01.201615 km C MstOberstdorf (FIS Tour de Ski)GERStage World Cup2543.98
1680605.01.2016SP C FinalOberstdorf (FIS Tour de Ski)GERStage World Cup11
1680605.01.2016SP C QualOberstdorf (FIS Tour de Ski)GERQualification22.83
1680403.01.201610 km F PursuitLenzerheide (FIS Tour de Ski)SUIStage World Cup30.00
1680302.01.201630 km C MstLenzerheide (FIS Tour de Ski)SUIStage World Cup923.58
1680201.01.2016SP F FinalLenzerheide (FIS Tour de Ski)SUIStage World Cup3
1680201.01.2016SP F QualLenzerheide (FIS Tour de Ski)SUIQualification726.11
1679020.12.201515 km CToblachITAWorld Cup2346.37
1678919.12.2015SP F FinalToblachITAWorld Cup5
1678919.12.2015SP F QualToblachITAQualification10.00
1678313.12.2015SP F FinalDavosSUIWorld Cup21
1678313.12.2015SP F QualDavosSUIQualification718.00
1678212.12.201530 km FDavosSUIWorld Cup1722.67
1676929.11.201515 km C PursuitRukaFINStage World Cup318.63
1676929.11.2015Overall StandingsRukaFINWorld Cup310.20
1676828.11.201510 km FRukaFINStage World Cup613.15
1676727.11.2015SP C FinalRukaFINStage World Cup8
1676727.11.2015SP C QualRukaFINQualification840.96