a.k.a. Momo



Languages: French,English
Birth place: Sallanches
Residence: Thyez
Skis: Salomon
Bindings: Salomon
Boots: Salomon
Occupation: Customs officer
Education: University
Marital Status: In a relationship
Children: 1
Hobbies: Homemade
Ski Club: Douanes - SC Agy St Sigismond
National Coach: Francois Faivre

    • Maurice Manificat began alpine skiing at Flaine and Saint-Gervais when he was between 5-6 years old, with his parents and friends, just for fun
    • Before he started Cross-Country skiing he did a lot of mountain walking with parents and friends after the winter season
    • He started with Cross-Country skiing during school breaks organized by the primary school of “Les Charmilles” based in Thyez, his home city
    • He trained with them at the Agy Nordic Center, over the village of “Saint Sigismond”. His teacher Michel Petit, a member of the local ski club, recognized his good physical shape and motivated him to join the Cross-Country club
    • With passion, Manificat joined his club AGY St-Sigismond at the age of 11. In the same year, he entered high school, in a specialized sport class
    • After good results at school and skiing, Manificat got a spot in the ski school “Lycée du Mont-Blanc-Le Fayet” in 2001 and in the Mont-Blanc Ski Committee


    • First World Cup appearance in La Clusaz in December 2006. In 2008, he competed in 5 World Cup competitions and finished in the top 30 for the first time in the 15km in Liberec and won the bronze medal at the U23 World Championship in Mals.
    • During the 2008/2009 season, he scored his first top 15 result and also the first World Cup podium in the relay in La Clusaz. Moreover he captured the U23 World Championship title on the 15km free in Praz de Lys before he got contracted with the French customs in July 2009
    • The season 2009/10 was his best so far and finished 5th in the Overall World Cup standing
    • In 2012/13 Manificat was coping with injury. In Canmore, after winning his first World Cup since Lahti in March 2010. Examination showed he had a tear in his right quadriceps tendon. Manificat was out for a weeks and could return just in time for the FIS Nordic World Ski Championhsip in Val di Fiemme 2013. 


    • As a kid he loved to play with LEGO now he likes do-it-yourself activities and particularly to work with wood
    • Maurice Manificat likes nature and walks around during the weekends with his parents Marillac et Bernard, his little brother Alexis and friends
    • He loves to collect fossils and rocks of any kind, and also likes to go fishing
    • Before he began competing in Cross-Country skiing, he played handball and badminton at school. He also went running and climbing. However he stopped climbing quickly because he got dizzy doing it
    • He lives in Thyez with his parents as he does not know yet where to settle down. His favorite training area is at home and in Grenoble
    • He likes doing short clips from the training and camp life and continuously updates his website
    • He studies biology at the university of Grenoble. He got his diploma (Licence of Biology) end of spring 2011 and decided to continue on with a Master.




Latest World Cup Results

1724519.03.201715 km F PursuitQuébec CityCANStage World Cup1129.44
1724519.03.2017Overall StandingsQuébec CityCANWorld Cup1112.68
1724418.03.201715 km C MstQuébec CityCANStage World Cup187.58
1724317.03.2017SP F FinalQuébec CityCANStage World Cup29
1724317.03.2017SP F QualQuébec CityCANQualification2774.36
1721719.02.201715 km COtepääESTWorld Cup1026.68
1719629.01.201730 km C MstFalunSWEWorld Cup1729.84
1719528.01.2017SP F FinalFalunSWEWorld Cup41
1719528.01.2017SP F QualFalunSWEQualification4172.00
1718821.01.201715 km FUlricehamnSWEWorld Cup2425.31
1717508.01.20179 km F PursuitVal di Fiemme (FIS Tour de Ski)ITAStage World Cup40.00
1717508.01.2017Overall StandingsFIS Tour de SkiFISWorld Cup45.66
1717407.01.201715 km C MstVal di Fiemme (FIS Tour de Ski)ITAStage World Cup139.35
1717306.01.201710 km FToblach (FIS Tour de Ski)ITAStage World Cup20.24
1717104.01.201715 km F PursuitOberstdorf (FIS Tour de Ski)GERStage World Cup410.00
1717003.01.2017Skiathlon 10/10km C/FOberstdorf (FIS Tour de Ski)GERStage World Cup83.12
1716801.01.201710 km C MstVal Mustair (FIS Tour de Ski)SUIStage World Cup1616.07
1716731.12.2016SP F FinalVal Mustair (FIS Tour de Ski)SUIStage World Cup25
1716731.12.2016SP F QualVal Mustair (FIS Tour de Ski)SUIQualification2968.20
1715317.12.201615 km F MstLa ClusazFRAWorld Cup2244.68
1714610.12.201630 km FDavosSUIWorld Cup1117.34
1714004.12.201615 km C PursuitLillehammerNORStage World Cup3476.11
1714004.12.2016Overall StandingsLillehammerNORWorld Cup3431.07
1713903.12.201610 km FLillehammerNORStage World Cup911.78
1713802.12.2016SP C FinalLillehammerNORStage World Cup40
1713802.12.2016SP C QualLillehammerNORQualification4083.94
1713327.11.201615 km CRukaFINWorld Cup3532.79
1713226.11.2016SP C FinalRukaFINWorld Cup38
1713226.11.2016SP C QualRukaFINQualification3853.01

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