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  • Martin Johnsrud Sundby

    Sundby (NOR) takes the final stage of Ruka Triple

    Norway's Martin Johnsrud Sundby has won today's final stage of the Ruke Triple and with that he is the overall mini-tour champion.  As well he now is the Overall World Cup leader heading into the Lillehammer next week.  Russia's Alexander Legkov lifted the pace halfway through the final lap to split the lead pack of over 10 skiers down to just three.  On the homestretch the competition was decided with Sundby in the lead, Maxim Vylegzhanin of Russia in second and Legkov in third.

  • Ruka Triple

    Four in a row for Marit Bjørgen at the Ruka Triple - UPDATED

    Norway's Marit Bjørgen has won her fourth Ruka Triple in a row.  Charlotte Kalla of Sweden skied her way from 4th position at the start of today's final stage and battled Bjørgen up the final hill to claim second place.  Therese Johaug of Norway lifted the pace on the final lap which separated Poland's Justyna Kowalczyk from the group and took third place on the day.  

  • Lukas Bauer

    Lukas Bauer (CZE) win's 10 km classic in Ruka - UPDATED

    Lukas Bauer of the Czech Ski team has won the men's 10 km classic interval start competition in Kuusamo.  It was the second stage of the Ruka Triple and the first win for Bauer since Otepää, Estonia in 2010.  

  • Ruka Triple sprint finish (Brandsdal, Gafarov, Peterson)

    Brandsdal (NOR) wins Ruka classic sprint in photo finish

    Eirik Brandsdal of Norway was back on the podium in Kuusamo after finishing third in last year's classic sprint.  Brandsdal came from behind on the homestretch to take the victory in a three-way photo finish.

  • Kuusamo by night

    FIS Cross-Country World Cup kicks of in Kuusamo

    Already for the fourth time, a stage competition entitled ‘Ruka Triple’ will take place in Kuusamo as part of the traditional Nordic Opening where Ski Jumping, Nordic Combined and Cross-Country Skiing meet for the first time this season

  • GPS tracking

    GPS Tracking: Eexperience from watching Cross-Country skiing races one step further.

    FIS brings experience from watching Cross-Country skiing races one step further. Similar to Tour de France you will be able to follow the race in real time on your computer or on your mobile device and you’ll be able to track and watch selected athletes.


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