• Lillehammer is located in the eastern part of Norway, 180 km from Oslo.

    The distance from Oslo Airport Gardermoen is about 150 km. Lillehammer is located at the northern shore of Norway's largest lake, Mjøsa. The population is about 26 800. The city is a commercial, administrative, culture and educational centre.

    Lillehammer combines tradition and modern activities and services. You will find excellent museums and galleries, Olympic venues, a large number of restaurants and wide selection of shops and accommodation.
    Lillehammer is a popular tourist destination with more than 800 000 visitors (guest-nights) every year. The Lillehammer region is a true cross-country skier’s paradise. The Lillehammer region is famous for its ski terrain and excellent winter sport facilities. 2000 km of cross-country ski trails may strike you as unbelievable, but we guarantee that the Lillehammer region offers the absolute best of what you can expect from a skiing destination.
    And of course, Lillehammer is world famous for the Olympic Winter Games in 1994.

    For more information about Lillehammer and the region, please visit this website:

    Birkebeineren Cross Country Stadium

    The Cross Country venue served as the Olympic arena for cross-country and biathlon Olympic events in the Lillehammer Olympic Winter Games in February 1994. The stadium also served as arena for cross-country skiing and biathlon events during the Paralympics in March 1994.

    Lysgaardsbakkene Ski Jumping Hill

    was built for the Winter Olympic in Lillehammer in 1994, and has become a major landmark in Lillehammer. At a distance, you can see the magnificent ski jumping hill that is built harmoniously into the landscape. During the summer, the Olympic rings in the landing area are visible from a great distance, and the hill distance records are clearly marked on both ski jumping hills. There are two hills, the large hill is HS 138 and the normal hill is HS100.


    Buy your tickets to the World Cup Nordic Skiing in Lillehammer HERE


    Friday 6 Dec - NOK 100

    Saturday 7 Dec - NOK 149 (all diciplines - both venues)

    Sunday 8 Dec - NOK 149 (all diciplines - both venues)

    Weekend ticket - NOK 249 (all days, all diciplines - both venues)

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    FIS Cross-Country World Cup returns to Lillehammer

    After an 11-year break, the FIS Cross-Country World Cup will return to Lillehammer. The famous Birkebeineren stadium is going to welcome the best Cross-Country skiers for the first time since 2002


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