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  • Oslo is located between the Oslo Fjord and the green hills of Oslomarka. The combination of city life and easy access to outdoor activities makes Oslo an unique destination. Oslo is the biggest city in Norway, and has been the capital since 1814. The municipality of Oslo has a total area of 454 km2. The number of inhabitants in 2008 were 560 000. Oslo has 242 km2 of forest and 343 lakes within the city boundaries. In the winter Oslo has more than 2600 kilometres of cross-country trails in addition to eight ski centres. Only half an hour by subway from Oslo city centre, there are vast opportunities for winter fun! After a full day of skiing, the city is close by with the world's best after-ski! Oslo has everything you would expect from a capital: shopping, restaurants and bars, a lively cultural life and tourist attractions. The most famous attractions are: the Vigeland Sculpture Park, the Viking Ship Museum, the Munch Museum and Holmenkollen. The Ski Jump in Holmenkollen has about 1 million visitors each year and is the world's 3rd most famous sports arena. The old Ski Jump was the main arena for the Olympic Games in 1952. After the renovation (finished February 2010) the new Ski Jump will be even more attractive for tourists with easy access to the top of the tower. Inside the ski jump, the ski museum presents the history of skiing over the past 4000 years. The annual international ski jump competition, "Holmenkolldagen", is almost like a second National Day for Norwegians with thousands of spectators and a great atmosphere. Find out more info here


    The New Holmenkollen national arena includes a brand new ski arena, new cross-country tracks and the new Midtstubakken ski jumping hill - in addition to the spectacular Holmenkollbakken ski jumping hill. The ski arena at Holmenkollen will be brand new, with new bridges, passages and overpasses, as well as wider tracks. In this way, it will be easier for spectators to move around and also easier to access good spots where they can watch the races, without the risk of damaging the tracks.
    The longest track circuit is currently planned to be approximately 10 km. For the 50 km race, athletes will complete an 8.3 km loop circuit six times.
    Basic facts about the tracks
    - The longest loop is 10 km (passing Frognerseteren and turning at Bomveien)
    - The tracks have a width of 9 m for large parts of the route (to be able to carry out pursuit and relay races).
    - The tracks for the World Ski Championships are well suited for Cross-Country, Nordic combined and biathlon alike, as well as having good combination possibilities for creating competition tracks for children and juniors.


    13 February Holmenkollen Ski Maraton : 42 km classic race
    7 March Barnas Holmenkolldag (Childrens day in Holmenkollen - Cross-Country skiing for kids from 3-12 years)
    13 March World Cup Nordic Events (30 km ladies/50 km men - Nordic Combined)
    14 March World Cup Nordic Events (Ski jumping ladies/men - Nordic Combined - Sprint ladies/men) 
    17-21 March World Cup Biathlon 

    6-7 February COC Ski jumping men 
    24 February-6 March World Ski Championships Nordic Events


    A wide range of hotels are available in Oslo. Oslo has approximately 16000 hotel beds in different price categories. A large Norwegian breakfast buffet, with hot and cold dishes is always included in the hotel rate.



    Other types of accommodation available in Oslo are camping, youth hostels and private accommodation. For more information and booking, please visit.


    FIS World Cup Nordic at Holmenkollen comprises seven events, with ski jumping on the new Holmenkollen hill on Saturday and Sunday. There will be action in cross country, men's Nordic combined and ski jumping. 
    You can choose between various day tickets/day passes for Saturday and Sunday. With the pass you can wander as you wish between the ski jumping hill and the cross country arena, so you can see all the events. You can buy ticketshere.


    By plane:
    The nearest airports are OSLO Airport Gardermoen (OSL) (45 km), OSLO Airport TORP (95 km), and Moss Airport Rygge (65 km)

    By car:
    Holmenkollen arena can be reached, from the South as well as from the North, via the Europe road 6 (E6), via the motorway (toll gate) and along the Europe road 18 (from TORP) in the direction of Oslo (tollgates)
    Use the E6 from North from Oslo Airport Gardermoen, and the E6 from South from Moss Airport Rygge.
    There are no parking areas next to the venues; shuttle buses will be free of charge from park-and-rides 15 km outside Holmenkollen arena.

    By train:
    There is a direct connection to the Oslo central station station from Oslo Airport Gardermoen by train; both Oslo Airport Torp and Moss Airport Rygge offer a good bus service to the centre of Oslo. 
    From Oslo Central station there are good connections with Metro (line 1) to Holmenkollen arena.


    http://www.osl.n o/en/osl



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