Øystein Pettersen sits out Kuusamo

25 November 2010 12:30

Øystein "Pølsa" Pettersen finished second in last season's first sprint, which took place in Ruka.

But, this year he skips the opening sprint in Kuusamo and prepares for Düsseldorf sprint weekend.

Cold weather is to blame

Weather forecast predicts for Ruka cold temperatures reaching -20°C. Norwegian medical team therefore decided not to allow Pettersen to start. "I have struggled before in very cold temperatures," he explains. There is only one sprint race in Kuusamo, which takes place tomorrow and is part of the mini-tour called Ruka Triple. "We did not want to risk anything one week before the sprint weekend in Düsseldorf" says Pettersen.

Disapointed Pettersen

In spite of he understands reasons why he has to sit out World Cup stage in Kuusamo he regrets not joining the Norwegian team in Finland. "We for sure have the world's best team healthcare, and I also agree that for me Düsseldorf is more important than the mini-tour in Kuusamo, but I am highly competitive person and I wanted to travel to Kuusamo and go skiing with the flag on my forehead," quotes Pettersen. His time will come next weeken in Düsseldorf.