48th World Cup victory for Marit Bjoergen. UPDATED

27 November 2011 10:34
Marit Bjoergen, Vibeke Skofterud, Theree Johaug Ruka Triple
Marit Bjoergen, Vibeke Skofterud, Theree Johaug Ruka Triple -

Marit Bjoergen made history in Kuusamo claimg 48th World Cup victory in her career. The Norwegian ace clearly dominated the last stage of Ruka Triple and won the Mini Tour in Kuusamo.

Marit Bjoergen claimed victory in 10 km Classic Pursuit with margin of +33 sec on runner up Therese Johaug. Vibeke Skofterud takes third place having lost on the winner +33.7 sec.

Bjoergen started in the final stage of Ruka Triple with a comfortable margin of 17 seconds. The Queen of the World Championships 2011 was keeping the pace high. Vibeke Skofterud started from second place three seconds before Sweden's Charlotte Kalla but did not allow the best Swedish in the race to come closer. After 5 km she was 14 seconds away. Therese Johaug had a fast today and was the quickest in today's competition. By the intermediate point at 7.5 km she caught up with Vibeke Skofterud and they were skiing the last 2500m together.

Skofterud and Johaug were fighting hard for the second place. Johaug had a more powerful finish and seized second place. Skofterud finished third and rounded out the day of Norwegian dominance.

Marit Bjoergen (NOR)

I'm very satisfied with my race today. I knew I had to be fast in the beginning. I'm very happy and especially to have my friends by my side on the podium. I also had very good skis today. Now I have to train a bit but I'm taking it easier than in summer. There we trained about 90 hours per month and that is quite a lot for a women.

Therese Johaug (NOR)

I've worked with my technique and it worked well today, I'm really satisfied with my race. I think I was a bit nervous and stressed last weekend but now I am feeling relax. Now we are going home to Oslo and I hope to do some good races.

Vibeke Skofterud (NOR)

Today my goal was to get to second place. I did my best and I wasn't good enough. My key of success is hard work.

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