Aino-Kaisa Saarinen won Vuokatti Aateli Race 2014

25 June 2014 14:52
Vuokatti Aateli Race 2014
Vuokatti Aateli Race 2014 -
Anna-Mari Vuollet

7 out of 10, that's the winning score of Aino-Kaisa Saarinen who dominated  Vuokatti Aateli Race for the 7th time. Saarinen was third after Tuesday's 1,6 kilometer rollerski prologue (free). Wednesday started with 3km crosscountry running which was yet again dominated by Saarinen. The last leg was 10 km rollerskiing, what ended on the top of Vuokatti. Saarinen’s total time in all three competitions was 45:26,5. ”I think running was the easiest. It is not hard to the muscles than rollerskiing”, Saarinen says after race.

Kerttu Niskanen was 2nd with total time of 45:52,2. ”This race is made for Aikku. We have seen it so many times. But I am happy, the race was good and we always have really good race here in Vuokatti”, Niskanen said. Laura Mononen was 3rd in 46:13,9. ”In overall it was a good race for me, but the last uphill totally drained my strength. I just couldn’t keep up with Kepa’s pace. But I am really satisfied with the prologue and running. This was excellent training session,” Mononen claimed.

Lähdemäki won the men's race

Sami Lähdemäki won men's Vuokatti Aateli Race. After the same distance of the prologue, men ran 4,5 km and rollerskied 15 kilometers. Lähdemäki won in the total time of 57:29,3. Sprint specialist Anssi Pentsinen was second and Matias Strandvall third.

Vuokatti Aateli Race 2014

Lähdemäki was very happy after Aateli Race. Last september Lähdemäki was hospitalized in Ramsau and diagnosed wiht pneumothorax after accident. So winning in Aateli Race took lot of pressure away and brought lots of courage and believe: ”I am back. My lugns are working and my training is catching up. I was little bit afraid about the last leg, but in the end it was my best out of these three. Of course it feels nice to win with our national team skiers on the start, but it is June now and I have started training for next season earlier than others.”

Vuokatti Aateli Race 2014

Anssi Pentsinen  was second in 58:00,5. ”I am really pleased now. Running went great, I made my personal record. I think I took almost 18 seconds out of my record time. Many times I was flat before the last climb, but this year I made it to the top with my head held high”, Pentsinen says. Matias Strandvall (58:26,3) was third. ”I’ve never made this last climb so fast. So I am really really pleased for my last uphill. This was my best Aateli Race and best result.”