Alexander Legkov: I understand that Russia hates me now

05 March 2011 10:53

Alexander Legkov did the third leg for Russia in yesterday’s relay. Legkov broke in the second 5 km lap and arrived in the exchange zone totally exhausted. Russian Cross-Country page asked Alexander Legkov a few questions.

Q: Alexander, are you all right? You were totally exhausted after your leg.

Alexander Legkov: Rather no than yes. I'm in a sort of a fog. My vision is still little bit distorted. I did not see anything for a long time after the finish - I just saw shadows before my eyes. Full black out. They say now that I have eyes like the Terminator - complete red.

Q: In the race we could see that every 100 m you were losing power. It was a relay and you had to go on. How was the race?

Alexander Legkov: When I started my leg I was going fast. First 5 km lap was quite OK. Then they added up the speed but I could not keep up. I tried to persuade myself, to concentrate, to breathe, to focus on my technique. But I could not! I gave it all but then I just shut down. But I could not give up! Yes, if that had been an individual race I would have fallen into the snow. In the relay I had to finish the race.

Q: How did you feel in the last part of your leg?

Alexander Legkov: The last 3 km I just do not remember anything - anything! I do not know how I did it. After the finish, I was out. I was told that I was 15 minutes lying there. I tried to stand up but I could not, I do not remember. Everything was in a fog. I understand that I all the people at home hate me now.

Q: Do you have any explanation to what happened to you?

Alexander Legkov: I don’t’ know. Perhaps the flu returned? I have not felt good the whole week after the pursuit. I’m desperate that I did not support our team in the relay. Now I go home to recover. I will not take part in the 50 km race. Now I cannot imagine if I could continue the fight in the World Cup.

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