Alexey Poltaranin notches surprising victory in Davos. UPDATED

11 December 2010 14:51

Neither Lukas Bauer, not Alexander Legkov nor Dario Cologna but Alexey Poltaranin romped for victory in today's 15 km Classic in Davos.

Alexey Poltaranin claimed his first World Cup victory in the men’s 15 km classic race. The racers from Kazakhstan finished in a tight race 0,9 seconds ahead of Alexander Legkov from Russia. The Czech Lukas Bauer is back on the World Cup podium by taking the third spot 4,0 seconds behind the winner. Home favourite Dario Cologna, who is just leaving a couple of meters from the stadium just edged out by being just 0,3 slower than Bauer.

Poltaranin started with the 10th best time after km 1,6 km in the race. The 23-year-old athlete increased his speed until the end of the race while his strongest contenders, World Cup leader Alexander Legkov had the best intermediate time until km 10 but then lost on the last lap a bit against Poltaranin.

For Kazakhstan, the victory of Poltaranin is the first win since March 1998 when Vladimir Smirnov won the 30 km in Lahti.

In the overall World Cup, Legkov has increased his lead to Cologna to 37 points. Third is still Marcus Hellner (SWE), who finished today on place 33, with 133 points gap to the leader. In the distance World Cup, Legkov took as well the lead just 4 points ahead of Dario Cologna.


Alexey Poltaranin (KAZ)

Today I claimed my first World Cup victory and I had the best race ever. I felt strong today and my skis were very good as well. I did no change too much in my summer training. My coach and me focused even more on classic technique and we also introduced some new elements in training. On Monday we are going to La Clusaz where I would like to deliver a good result in 30 km race.

Alexander Legkov (RUS)

I’m for the first time in yellow bib and maybe it gave me wings today. I’m satisfied with second place today. In spite of difficult snow situation my skis were excellent and helped me a lot to achieve this success. I realized that I was loosing on Alexey because I heard the speaker in the stadium. I happy Alexey claimed his first World Cup victory today.

Lukas Bauer (CZE)

I’m very satisfied with my third place today particularly in regards to the fact that I was not settled with my classic technique after World Cups in Scandinavia. It was visible that the competition was very strong today. Also waxing was a challenge. I chose my skis three minutes before the start. From 7th km to the stadium I had to overcome a small crises but I hung on George Grey and he helped me. Atmosphere alongside the course was perfect. I was skiing a few minutes behind Dario and fans cheered on me as well.