Anders Gløersen and Øystein “Poelsa” Pettersen go to World Championships in Oslo

05 February 2011 19:06

Sprint fighters Anders Gløersen (24) and Øystein Pettersen (28) secured the final two vacant spots in the Cross-Country squad for the World Championships in Oslo.

There were four sprint guys who fought for the last two vacant seats at Holmenkollen. According to national coach Ulf Morten Aune decision about Gløersen was clear but that selection between Øystein Pettersen and Johan Kjølstad was tight.
“It was a very difficult decision to make. Johan is very disappointed right now. Johan had not shown up at his best today, but decisions is taken,”reveals Aune.

Aune explains that both have had the rising shape in January.
“Øystein was also the best Norwegian at the sprint in Dusseldorf in late December, and was very close to the final place today. Johan felt the same in Liberec and thus it was a millimeter decision, "said Ulf Morten Aune.

Johan Kjølstad will be reserve for the sprint events at the World Championships.

Contributed by Norwegian Ski Association