Anders Södergren joins national squad in Ramsau

11 October 2010 11:53

One of the most experienced skiers of the Swedish distance squad, Anders Södergren (33) joins the national team for a ten-day training camp in Ramsau on the Dachstein glacier.

Anders Södergren has had one month health problems with sinutis, which prevented him from taking part in previous training camp in Ramsau. "Physically I felt well but had problems with airways. It came and went away in cycles" explains Södergren in his blog. He leaves for Ramsau after consultation with Swedish Team's doctor. "I am feeling better and should be healthy now, although I am still a bit tight in the nose" says Södergren.

Despite these problems, Södergren is quite content with his off-season preparation. "From May to September I carried out all my training sessions according to plan. During summer I prepared a skiing basis, which I did not have for years" quotes Södergren. Now he hopes to follow up with training, which was interrupted by the illness. "I hope I stay healthy so I follow with training schedule. It was annoying not to have any training rhythm in September" concludes Anders Södergren.

Contributed by Anders Södergren,