Anders Södergren: I wanted to quit the Tour

02 January 2011 08:24

Anders Södergren (SWE) has had a rough start of Tour de Ski,  and wanted to quit the Tour.

"Tour de Ski has definitely not started the way I hoped for. I lost my ski in the last race in Oberhof, something that has never happened to me earlier. I did not expect to be this unlucky in the Tour!"

Södergren started with bib number 57, 42 seconds behind his fellow team mate, Hellner. "I started fairly calm and slowly approached the main group. In the end of our third lap the thing that should not happen, happened; I heard a crack and immediately knew that something was wrong. I saw all my competitors racing ahead of me, and I wanted to quit the Tour". Skiing on one ski for a while, the Swedish team managed to get him a new one, a ski belonging to Emil Jönsson. "I raced about 800 metres on one ski, and my chances went out. I guess I was handed the first ski they could find, it was possible to ski on it, definitely not well though". 

In the first stage of Tour de Ski, Södergren lost his strap on his pole, the second day his ski. "I hope my luck has turned now, this is absolutely not how I wanted the Tour to start". Finishing 2 minutes behind Cologna, Södergren is currently 2.15.5 minutes behind the Tour Leader. "Making it to the finals in the Sprint in Oberstdorf will be a bonus for me, I am looking more forward to the Pursuit on Monday. The 35 km Pursuit in Toblach will be interesting as well, and I hope to win some bonus points".