Anna & Emil Summer Camp hits a record

23 August 2013 07:51
Anna & Emil Summer Camp 2013
Anna & Emil Summer Camp 2013 -

This weekend, from 23rd - 25th August Anna Haag and & Emil Joensson organise the traditional Anna & Emil Summer Camp in Gesundavägen, Mora.

This year a record number of participants has signed up for the largest summer ski school for young people. In just a few minutes, all of the 120 seats were filled in and Anna & Emil had to put a "note on the door."

 "We are incredibly happy to welcome all the young people and this is one of this year's finest moments," Emil Jönsson says. "Unfortunately, there is the same number of those who could not be registered. With the current organization, we can not accept any more participants," Anna Haag explains, who is together with his partner Emil Jönsson leading the ski school.

Emil started the ski school already at the age of 15 and has organised it every year since. "We see it as a way to recruit more skiers while are having fun and are inspired by seeing how young people develop," Emil Jönsson reveals. Besides Anna and Emil there are several skiers from the national team and family members who help to organise the camp.

Anna & Emil Summer Camp starts Friday morning at. 9:00 and ends after lunch on Sunday. During that time, the young people are going to practice Nordic walking on a ski slope, roller skiing, cross country running and perhaps the most popular branch, "Myr OS."

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Summer Camp Gesunda film2 from adam johansson on Vimeo.