Astrid Jacobsen: I want to tune up my technique and recharge batteries

10 February 2011 12:59

For Astrid Jacobsen the World Championships in Oslo will be in many ways special. Not only she will compete in front of thousands of Norwegian fans but she will race in her backyard.

Astrid Jacobsen lives in Oslo and could see the final preparations for the World Championships. “It's still quiet in Oslo. Holmenkollen is now ready for competitions. Tracks are truly perfect!” said Astrid Jacobsen. With only thirteen days to go everything is almost ready. “But there's still not crowded there. A lot of people are looking forward to the winter festival to begin, and to go out in the tracks and cheer for everyone,” explains Jacobsen.

Astrid Jacobsen stormed in the season 2007 when she claimed the World Champion title in classic sprint. She did not join the ladies’ team for the high altitude training camp in Seiser Alm and instead stayed in Norway. “I have been with the sprint team in Beitostølen for training and competitions this week. It's better for me when my focus is on the sprint. I can do more speed workouts when I'm not in the altitude,” explained Astrid Jacobsen.

With less than two weeks left before the World Champs kick off Astrid plans to take part in tune up races in Beitostølen. “I have competitions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. After the racing weekend I'll go home and take it easy for a few days, before it's time to get ready for WC in Drammen,” revealed Jacobsen who knows what is her focus in upcoming days. “There's really not so much time left, so my focus is just to improve some technique details and fuel up with energy,” commented Jacobsen.

As of today it is sure we will see the Sprint World Champion from 2007 on February 24 in the sprint free qualification. “I got a spot in the sprint team. If I take part in other races will depend on my results and shape.” Concluded Astrid Jacobsen.