Athlete in interview: Dusan Kozisek (CZE)

10 November 2011 06:30
Dusan Kozisek
Dusan Kozisek -

Dusan Kozisek stormed in the international scene in 2005 when he stunned the Cross-Country skiing World together with Martin Koukal with a surprising bronze medal in Team Sprint (free technique) in Oberstdorf 2005.

Two years later at the World Championships in Sapporo he sealed the success again and scored another bronze medal in the same event, this time with compatriot Milan Sperl. Last season he was looking for World Cup shape and found it in right time before the home World Cup in Liberec, where he scored third place and stepped on the World Cup podium for the first time. FIS Cross-Country News talked to Dusan about the training season, sprint racing and plans for upcoming winter.

Q: Dusan, how do you evaluate last season?

Dusan Kozisek: I’m happy with how last season went. Naturally the best moment was my third place in the sprint in Liberec. It was a great feeling to do well on the home turf in front of the home crowd.

Q: How was been your off-season so far? Are you happy with your training so far?

D.K.: Yes, I’m happy. Summer training was OK and I could train as I planned. I also took part in some FIS Roller Ski World Cup races and competed at the FIS Roller Skiing World Championships in Aure. I was also training in Rovaniemi. I was not slowed down by any health problems so I’m happy with how it went.

Q: Was your training similar to previous years or have you tried anything new?

D.K.: For the first time we’ve had a separate sprint team with the coach Vaclav Korunka. In the group there is Ales Razym, two youngsters and myself. We’ve had different training from the distance group and we’ve often trained separately.

Q: On your website you write you don’t like when somebody advises you when you think you’re right. Does it mean that you prefer training alone?

D.K.: Well, I had in my mind that when I know that a workout makes sense I believe in it. I prefer training with somebody but on the other hand I like to have free hands in my training process.

Q: Sometimes you are struck by bad luck, a fall, broken pole, etc. Do you think about it or do you take it as it is?

D.K.: I think that such situations are part of sprint competitions. But I’m not praying my mind about it too much. Other skiers and even best favorites sometimes have bad luck

Q: What is your favorite training resort and where do you like competing?

D.K.: I really like to train in Ramsau. It’s a great place for training. I do not actually have a favorite competition site but the best thing is to be skiing in front of the home crowd.

Q: What are your plans for upcoming winter?

D.K.: I will jump in the World Cup circuit in Kuusamo in sprint. Regarding results I will be happy if I can make it to the finals at least once.