Austrian Cross-Country skiers built up condition in Lohnsburg

05 August 2010 09:04

Austrian skiers carried out second joint training camp in Lohnsburg. After a short meeting in June in Geinberg it was the first "long" camp with three training blocks. Best Austrian skier Katerina Smutna could not miss it.

First and second training group of the Austrian Cross-Country team met in Lohnsburg to work on condition and volume for upcoming season.
"The seminar hotel Kobleder in Großweiffendorff was an ideal starting point for our activities and workouts. We carried out rollerskiing, biking and running sessions. We also worked on strength activities" said coach of the 1st training group Bernd Raupach.

Training camp was volume oriented with high training volumes up to 25 hours per week. Hot weather and temperatures reaching 35 degrees made workouts even more demanding the first week. After that temperatures dropped and scattered showers came, which made the intensive workouts somewhat enjoyable.

"The training objectives were almost fully realized. This camp gave us a good base to progress with pre-season training and for following training" said Raupach.