Axel Teichmann satisfied, Rene Sommerfeld attacks

08 January 2010 11:57

National coach Jochen Behle must be happy now "We want good individual results overall standing in Tour de Ski is not a priority this year," said the German national coach on New Year's Eve 2009, one day before the Tour de Ski kick off in Oberhof. He can be truly proud of his guys before last two Tour de Ski stages in Val di Fiemme. Axel Teichmann is no. 3 overall, Rene Sommerfeld, Jens Filbrich and Tom Reichelt are placed in the standings also well - from today's perspective it seems it will be a good Tour de Ski edition for Germans. First two stages on Italian soil proved Teichmann's upward trend in his shape. Rene Sommerfeld is getting his Olympic standard, Jens Filbrich showed his abilities on the classic competition and Tom Reichelt was particularly good in the skating race. Only Tobias Angerer was not performing according his wishes and later on was forced to stop after he caught cold.

Today is a rest day for cross-country teams. On Sunday everything will arrive in the Grande Finale on Alpe Cermis. "The final day on Cermis will decide the Tour. It will tactical race on Saturday it could so that all of us come together again," expects Axel Teichmann.
In the previous three editions of the Viessmann Tour de Ski there was always a German athlete on the podium, Tobias Angerer 2007 as the winner, Rene Sommerfeld one year later as second and Axel Teichmann as third last year. It would not be surprising if a German athlete would be welcomed at the Winners' ceremony. "I do not care if I finish third or fifth in the Tour" said Teichmann after the 10 km race in Dobbiaco. "I want an Olympic medal, which I still do not have in my collection." He added and disappeared.