Bjørgen and Sundby wrapped up the season with Norwegian titles

31 March 2014 06:37
Marit Bjørgen wins 17th Norwegian title
Marit Bjørgen wins 17th Norwegian title -

Marit Bjørgen out sprinted Therese Johaug on the home stretch to secure the Norwegian title in 30 km mass start free and her 17th gold medal became the most successful Norwegian athlete. Kristin Størmer Steira finished in third place. 

"It was a blast to go today. I had the amazingly good skis, and the feeling in the track was incredibly good," said Bjoergen finish. 

Sundby wins 50 km in Gaalaa

Sundby makes it 3 out of 3 

Martin Johnsrud Sundby made it three out of three as he won third 50 km gold in three consecutive years. Sundby claimed the title in the mass start free in a tight finish ahead of Daniel Myrmæl Helgestad, Byåsen and Simen Andreas Sveen. 


Ladies 30 km mass start free
Men 50 km mass start free