Canada's Harvey on top again in Falun

15 March 2014 14:48
Alex Harvey CAN
Alex Harvey CAN -

Canada's Alex Harvey is known for his strong late season performances and he showed it again today with his victory in the 30 km Skiathlon.  With one kilometre to go in the competition Harvey who led up the final climb let himself slip back to third and let his fast skis make the first move into the stadium and then he took over on the homestretch.  Harvey out sprinted World Cup Overall title winner Martin Johnsrud Sundby of Norway for the win.  Sundby settled for second and Alexander Legkov of Russia ended up in third after breaking a pole on the final curve in the stadium.  

Harvey now leads the World Cup finals mini-tour by by +26.0 over Sundby and +26.1 ahead of Legkov with just one competition remaining.  Tomorrow the men will compete in the 15 km pursuit start free technique event which will wrap up the World Cup season and the World Cup Finals.  

In the Overall World Cup standings both Sundby and Legkov are secured their positions as first and second but with the withdrawal of Norway's Chris Andre Jespersen from today's Skiathlon Harvey has the opportunity to move into third in the Overall standings with a first or second place finish tomorrow. Harvey currently trails Jespersen by 133 points heading into tomorrow's competition.  

The Overall Distance standings were settled today with Sundby in first, Legkov in second and Daniel Richardsson in third.  


Alex Harvey CAN
I think it was the best race of the season. My body felt really good and equipment was there too. I was bit surprised to be skiing with two of the world’s best skiers. I am for sure taking my chances for tomorrow. I will ski the first lap my pace and see if I get or lose some seconds.

Martin Johnsrud Sundby NOR
I think it was a good race. Tomorrow is the most important day and I have some work to do. I hope we can work together with Legkov to gain some seconds. Daniel (Richardson) set a high pace in classic and that was the reason why we pulled away. In the end he was tired and we got some seconds on him. I think the courses this year are way better than last year. Mörderbaken is for me an example how an uphill should look like.

Alexander Legkov RUS
The snow was bit difficult today. I was upset in the finish, I broke the pole before the bridge and lost contact with Harvey and Sundby. It’s good to be on the podium but I always want to win. I have to put today’s race behind me and focus on tomorrow. I am ready to fight again.

OFFICIAL RESULTS - Men's 30 km Skiathlon

1. HARVEY Alex CAN 1:18:07.6 
2. SUNDBY Martin Johnsrud NOR +0.4 
3. LEGKOV Alexander RUS +5.9 
4. RICHARDSSON Daniel SWE +24.7
5. VYLEGZHANIN Maxim RUS +53.9

WORLD CUP FINALS' STANDINGS - After two competitions

1. HARVEY Alex CAN 1:19:47.4
2. SUNDBY Martin Johnsrud NOR +26.0
3. LEGKOV Alexander RUS +26.1
4. RICHARDSSON Daniel SWE +1:02.9
5. ROENNING Eldar NOR +1:58.5

Overall World Cup standing men

1. Martin Johnsrud Sundby NOR 1334 pts
2. Alexander Legkov RUS 860 pts
3. Chris Andre Jespersen NOR 739 pts

Distance World Cup standing men
1. Martin Johnsrud Sundby NOR 648 pts
2. Alexander Legkov RUS 546 pts
3. Daniel Richardsson SWE 389 pts

BMW xDrive Trophy
1. Martin Johnsrud Sundby NOR 242 pts
2. Alexander Legkov RUS 161 pts
3. Alex Harvey CAN 139 pts

Complete results and standings can be found HERE