Chandra Crawford to train on her own during the summer

15 May 2013 08:42
Chandra Crawford
Chandra Crawford -

Chandra Crawford recently confirmed that she will not train with Canadian Ski Team this summer, but rather with a personal coach in an effort to peak at the 2014 Winter Olympics. If all goes according to plan, she’ll be back with the squad this winter.

Crawford, a 29-year-old Canmore native and 2006 Olympic gold medalist, will be working independently with her technique and tactics coach of the last four years, Larsson, a Swedish sprint specialist who won six World Cups. Crawford said to reiterated that she’ll be back onboard once the World Cup season starts in November.

After a solid burn out and overload I’m re-charged and keen to make the most of the days until Sochi,” she wrote of the pre-Olympic training phase. “I have to manage my energy and do things in ways that work for me so while it’s financially sketchy it is the best option.”

For the national team coach Eric de Nys Crawford's decision does not mean a big issue but she will have to prove her shape.  “Chandra will have to undergo some testing and some evaluation,” de Nys said of her anticipated re-entry to the national team. “It’s one thing if you want to go off and do your own training, that’s all fine, but before we take someone to Europe, we want to make sure they’re physically healthy. … We’re not going to take somebody to Europe for vacation.”

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