Charlotte Kalla and Daniel Richardson won Årefjällsloppet

31 March 2014 06:11
 Daniel Richardson won Årefjällsloppet
Daniel Richardson won Årefjällsloppet -

Charlotte Kall and Daniel Richardson won Årefjällsloppet 2014. Kalla showed great classical technique shape also at the end of the season and topped the podium of the 61 km long race. "I had never raced longer than 35 km but I had a good glide and at the end I could break away from the others," Kalla said to

Kalla finished in 3:09:21.3, second place and runner up Kerttu Niskanen lost +56.5 sec. Third place went to Britta Johnason Norgren. "I had no chance against Charlotte , but I'm happy with being second. It was a very nice race," Kerttu Niskanen said. 

Dominant Richardsson 

Daniel Richardsson cracked all long distance specialists to win men's competition by more than a minute. Richardsson stopped the clock in the time of 2:44:41.8. Stanislav Rezac (CZE) finished in second place +1:16 min back. Anders Aukland took third place. "I am very pleased with this one. I chose to go with kick wax and I saw my chance up at the big lake at Edsåsdalen. I broke away and then I went solo," Daniel Richardsson said.