Charlotte Kalla and Calle Halfvarsson superior at Inge Braten Memorial

29 June 2015 10:44
Charlotte Kalla in Sunne
Charlotte Kalla in Sunne -
Kjel-Erik Kristiansen

Charlotte Kalla and Calle Halvarsson won mass start competition in Sunne, part of the Inge Braten Memorial in Sunne on Saturday afternoon. Almost 14,000 spectators gathered in Sunne to pay tribute to coach Inge Braten.

Ladies skied 12 laps on a kilometer long loop. Maja Dahlqvist and Maria Nordström won first two sprint prize but then Charlotte Kalla pulled away and left field behind to finish the race in first. Lin Somskar came in 2nd and Stina Nilsson in 3rd.

Men competed in 20 km mass start free, Similar to Kalla, Haflvarsson skied away from the group after the first intermediate bonus sprint at 3.0 km and powered to victory. The battle for second was between Norway’s Sindre Bjørnestad Skar and Bill Impola of Sweden. The Norwegian outsprinted Impola to grab second place.

Ladies, 12 km / F
1. Charlotte Kalla, Piteå Elit
2. Linn Sömskar, IFK Umeå
3. Stina Nilsson, IFK Mora SK
4. Maja Dahlqvist, Falun Borlänge SK
5. Anna Dyvik, Falun Borlänge SK
6. Maria Rydqvist, Älvdalens IF SK
7. Moa Olsson, Vansbro AIK SK
8. Maria Nordström, Ulricehamns IF
9. Hanna Falk Ulricehamns IF
10. Emma Nilsson, SK Bore

Men, 20 km / F
1. Calle Halfvarsson, Falun Borlänge SK
2. Sindre Bjørnestad Skar, NOR
3. Bill Impola, Team Exspirit
4. Anders Svanebo, Stockviks SF
5. Anton Lindblad, Hudiksvalls IF
6. Simon Andersson, Falun Borlänge SK
7. Ragnar Bragvin Andresen, NOR
8. Aleksander Dyrberg Oak, NOR
9. Simen Lanes, NOR