Charlotte Kalla won in Bruksvallarna, Rydqvist surprisingly second

14 November 2010 13:00

Charlotte Kalla impressed as expected and won by a whopping 50 seconds over 10 km freestyle in Bruksvallarna. But, the big surprise of the day was Maria Rydqvist she performed stronger than ever and finished second.

Charlotte Kalla scored her 12th race in a row over the favorite distance 10 km freestyle, without being worse than second. Today she took the lead from the start and gradually increased the gap. In the final lap she geared up and built up the maring to full 50 seconds. Anna Haag seemed to take second place, but Maria Rydqvist delivered sensationally strong last lap and egded out Haag to third place by four-tenths.

"I feel different pleasure of skiing now "says Maria to Now she looks forward to the World Cup premiere in Gällivare. Britta Norgren-Johansson finished fifth after Ida Ingemarsdotter and will probably got an invitation to Gällivare.

Contributed by Kjell-Erik Kristiansen,