Cross-Country season in Davos gets underway

30 October 2014 07:58
Cross-Country opening in Davos
Cross-Country opening in Davos -
Davos Klosters

On Friday October 31st 2014 the first Cross-Country ski tracks open in the Destination Davos Klosters. During the summer months enough snow was preserved in the Flüelatal, which was now used for the preparation of the tracks.

In Davos the winter season starts early for the cross-country skiers. On Friday October 31st the first section of the trail network opened at the entrance of the Flüelatal.

The snow for the preparation of the pistes dates from the last winter, which was preserved over the summer months. For two weeks, a team was busy to provide the 1.5 kilometer long trail. The trail is not only used by world champion Dario Cologna and Co. for their season preparation. It is open to anyone free of charge.

The method of Snowfarming
The conservation of snow over the summer called Snowfarming. The method was developed by the maintenance depot Davos in cooperation with, WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF 'and was used in this form for the sixth year. In spring the snow is pushed in a pile and covered with sawdust. This only results in a loss of about 25% of the original amount. For the preparation of the track a total of 8 people were in action, which removed the sawdust in a first step and spread the snow since the beginning of this week. This method has been constantly improved since 2008, so now a total length of 1.5 kilometers track was reached for the second time in a row.

Dario Cologna’s favourite track
From his living room, World, Olympic and World Cup champion Dario Cologna can look directly out on to Switzerland’s most famous run. The demanding Flüela piste was created in the 1970s. At first the Swiss elite were the only ones training here; then came the Swedish and German teams, followed by the Russians and Norwegians. The world’s best cross-country skiers have competed for victory on the Flüela run on the second weekend in December since 1980. The Davos Nordic has become a firm fixture in the FIS racing calendar and Davos Klosters is famous as a cross-country skiing paradise.