Cross-country skiing technique app now available

18 December 2013 17:09
XC ski technique app
XC ski technique app -
Swiss Ski

"Cross-country skiing technique" - Is an app for anyone interested in cross-country skiing.
This is the first app that illustrates the technical aspects of cross-country skiing in such a high-quality format. The app, pro-duced by the Swiss Federal Office of Sport (FOSPO) in Magglingen in coopera-tion with Swiss-Ski, is aimed at everyone interested in cross-country skiing, both in Switzerland and abroad. It is available for the price of CHF 5.

The  app offers a comprehensive insight into current techniques in the sport. Members of the Swiss national team demonstrate all the steps in both the classic and freestyle techniques. The app is the ideal enhancement for existing teaching materials. It provides experts and trainers as well as professional and amateur skiiers with excellent study material.  "The app is an innovative tool for enhancing our courses with the new technologies in the field of training , we have achieved a pioneering milestone",  says FOSPO Director Matthias Remained.

High-resolution video
Top-quality video recordings that can be used offline make it possible to study technique both indoors, during theory sessions, as well as outdoors on the trails. Movement sequences can be observed both in real time and in slow motion, and the viewer can switch between individual picture navigation and still pictures with explanatory texts. Graphic elements in the videos highlight the correct execution of the individual steps. "We are pleased that, together with our athletes led by Olympic champion Dario Cologna, this app has enabled us to establish valuable principles for everyone interested in cross-country skiing", states Hippolyt Kempf, head of cross-country skiing at Swiss-Ski.

Links for downloading the "Cross-country skiing technique" app: