Cross-Country Talk: Adrien Backscheider, FRA

08 October 2015 09:14
Adrien Backscheider
Adrien Backscheider -

Adrien Backscheider is a young French skier from Metz. He left a great impression with his gutsy performance as the anchorman for the French relay at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Falun. A few weeks ago he became the French national rollerski champion. Here’s what Adrien had to say.

Congratulations on your victory in the French rollerski nationals! Is it a surprise for you to become French national champion?

It is always a good thing to win some races. I’m very happy and satisfied to have finished the summer training with such great competitions. I've been very motivated during training to be stronger this upcoming winter.


You had several remarkable moments last winter. Third place at the U23 WSC in Almaty, bronze medal in the relay in Falun where you delivered an outstanding performance as the anchorman. Which moment is the best? 

Falun was a great, great moment! It was wonderful to have a big team goal in the relay. My teammates were Olympic medalists in this competition so our motivation could not be higher. The crowds at the course and in the stadium were awesome. It was a very special moment and I would like to experience it again.

Looking at your social media activity there seems to be a very good spirit on the national team. Is that right?

At every performance level of our structure we have a great team and staff. The French Federation (FFS) has put in place a new strategy and set high goals. At the national team level, I think we have the right conditions to perform at the top level. 


After successes you had last winter, recent national title, your position in the team may have changed. Are you aspiring to become a future leader of the French national team?

It is true that my performance and results have improved. However, there are still several guys in the national team such as Momo (Maurice Manificat) who are are still faster than me. There are very good guys in the team and I think the future looks bright for the team France. On top of that there is a group of very promising young skiers coming up!

Looking ahead to the next winter. What are your goals?

My main goal is to settle in the top 10 in the World Cup especially in December and February. I would like to crack top 30 in the Overall World Cup standing. My biggest dream is of course an Olympic medal.

You and your sisters were brought to skiing by example of your father, a passionate skier and participant of Transjurassienne. Was it him that brought you from Alpine to Cross-Country?

My parents live far from ski tracks but they raced some popular course especially my father who took part of 25 Transjurassienne. Me and my sisters started with alpine ski lessons but we wanted to ski like our parents did, on Cross-Country skis. I had also a very good and very patient ski teacher who made me crazy about Cross-Country skiing.