Cross-Country Talk – Emil “The Boss” Joensson (SWE)

13 December 2013 06:54
Emil Joensson celebrates victory in sprint in Lahti
Emil Joensson celebrates victory in sprint in Lahti -

For Emil Joensson (SWE) Davos will be the first World Cup competition of the new season. FIS Cross-Country News talked to Sweden's sprinting star about the personal season opener, FIS Tour de Ski, Winter Olympic Games in Sochi and living in Davos.

Q: The World Cup sprint in Davos this coming weekend will be your first competition of the season.  You must be looking forward to getting started?

E.J.: It is just nice to start the season, to be out there again and to see everyone.  I am always a little bit surprised how friendly everyone is and how glad they are that I am back.  I also feel very good to be back. Everything feels fine now and now I need competitions to get back into shape.    But it’s still a long time until Sochi.

Q:  You have a flat here in Davos.  After spending so much time in the North is it nice to be here in the warm sunshine?

E.J.: Yeah it is actually.  It’s been pretty dark in Östersund (SWE).  It’s good to come down here and have it feel a little bit at home.  It’s always good to be here and starting my season here is perfect.

Q:  It must feel kind of like a second home?

E.J.:  Yes, exactly.  I have been here so much I know that tracks very well!

Q: Your season has started a little bit later than expected.  What are your plans now for the rest of period one of World Cup and the Tour de Ski?

E.J.: I will compete in both sprints in Davos and Asiago and then see how everything feels.  Plan A is to not do the Tour de Ski, and instead possibly go to a lower altitude and train hard again and then come back up to get ready for the Olympics.  But we will see how it goes.   

Q: There are also nice sprint opportunities after the Tour de Ski.

E.J.: Exactly, I can get many competitions before Sochi so there is no panic.  But it’s so fun to go to the Tour de Ski.  It’s not in the plans right now but I’d love to go to the Tour.

Q:  Speaking of Sochi.  Is the free technique sprint your only focus for the games?

E.J.: I will just focus on the sprint for Sochi.  Anything else would be a bonus.  My focus and training is just for the sprint, the individual sprint.  But if my shape is good anything can happen.