Cross-Country Talk: Eva Vrabcova-Nyvltova (CZE)

04 July 2014 13:35
 Eva Vrabcova-Nyvltova (CZE)
Eva Vrabcova-Nyvltova (CZE) -
Czech Ski Association

Eva Vrabcova-Nyvltova has been coping with health troubles this spring. Unlike her competitors, Nyvltova has just started the off-season training program. FIS Cross-Country News talked Eva about the difficult spring and plans for the next winter.

Q: Eva, how long have you been sick?

At the beginning of May I joined the Czech team at the first training camp of the season but I got sick immediately and doctors prescribed me antibiotics. They did not work and I got a different type. After that I was training easily for a week but I got sick again; antibiotics for the third time. When I returned to training, doctors analyzed my samples and results were still not good. So I got antibiotics for the fourth time.

Q: Now are you healthy again?

I finished with the last antibiotic treatment yesterday. I have been struggling with health for a long time and in fact, I have not started yet to train. Now I am about to leave for Italy. I want to change the environment and do some running and roller skiing workouts.

Q: Do you know what caused your health problems?

No, not really and doctors and I are quite desperate about it. I underwent many blood tests, checkups, MRIs, etc. I had some kind of bacteria in my throat, but it has been cured. However, I do not feel 100% healthy. The original cause was probably an allergic reaction and the bacteria.

Q: The hectic spring after your most successful season did not help either?

No, it did not. I had a lot to do in the spring, I also tried to catch with my university studies. My body probably asked for some rest. I admit that after the first antibiotic treatment I was trying to rush back to training. Now, unfortunately there is no reason to hurry. The most important thing now is to get healthy and make up for the lost training deficit. I believe everything will be all right. I have a good training base from the past.

Q: Is there anything positive about such a long training break?

For sure there is. My body got rested. I believe it is smart enough to know what to do. I need to give it some time. On the other hand I am not listening to my body so much anymore. I cannot stand being without sport. I want to return to training, otherwise I get crazy soon. At least I can go for walks with my dog.

Q: How is your summer going to look like?

First of all I am going to train at Lago di Garda. On the way there I want to stop in Alpina headquarters to have my foot measured for a custom made boot. After Italy we are thinking of having a training camp at Bozi Dar at the end of July, but provided that I am 100% healthy. Right after that I would like to go to Oberhof for the first training on snow. I would like to take part in the Czech track and field nationals to get a feedback where I am. In September the plan is to compete in the Czech rollerski nationals. I do not expect to be in a stellar shape there.

Q: Are you going to implement some changes and novelties in your summer training?

We planned to introduce many things. The base should have been the same with new things aimed at sprints. Unfortunately, there is no time for that. We will be trying hard to catch up with the training deficit so there won’t be any big changes. Everything will be shifted and the final preparation will be probably shorter. Maybe I will get in shape later, but it is hard to estimate now.

Q: Are you thinking of winter already?

I am looking forward to winter but now I just want to get healthy.

Q: Are you ready for the pressure after your most successful season?

I do not take it like that. Whatever pressure there will be, I just want to be healthy. Anything can happen in the winter after almost half a year of no activity. I believe my shape from last winter won’t get lost. I want to be satisfied with my performance and I believe that if I am healthy I can be successful again.