Cross-Country Talk: Jonna Sundling (SWE)

15 May 2014 13:02
Jonna Sundling
Jonna Sundling -
Swedish Ski Association

Jonna Sundling is the rising star of Swedish Cross-Country skiing she became double Junior World Champion in Val di Fiemme rising having won the sprint and as the anchor woman she brought Sweden to the World Championships title in the relay. 

This spring, the young skier has been nominated to the senior A team of Sweden. FIS Cross-Country News talked to Jonna Sundling about the surprise of joining Charlotte Kalla and Co. and World Championships in Falun 

Q: For the next winter you have been nominated to the A team. Was it surprising for you? 
Jonna Sundling: At first I didn’t believe I could make it all the way up to the A team, so it was a big surprise for me when coach Rikard Grip called me. But now I’m just really excited and it will be very fun to be a part of the Swedish A-team.

Q: What are your expectations in training with experienced skiers? Who do you look forward to train with particularly? Who were your idols growing up?
J.S.: I think it will be inspiring and I look forward to train with the whole team. While growing up I looked up to the best athletes in the world, the ones who won World Championships for example, so I didn’t just look up to one single person.

Q: What do you think will be the biggest challenge for you during the summer?
J.S.: I don’t really know what would be the biggest challenge. But it’s going to be more training and traveling then I am used to, so that will be one of the biggest challenges with joining the A team.

Q: WSC in Falun is the big goal for team Sweden. Are you looking forward to competing in front of the home crowd?
J.S.:  It’s my first year as a senior so I don’t feel so much pressure. But I really hope everything goes fine with my training and all competitions, so I’ll be able to compete in the WSC in Falun this winter. It would be really great to compete in front of my home crowd.  

Q: You are a young athlete, what do you do besides skiing? How is it like to combine skiing and studying?
J.S.: Besides skiing I study social sciences in Lycksele and I also go to ski collage there. I am soon about to finish my third year here in Lycksele so I have one year left to go. When I’m not skiing I’m trying to be with my family and friends as much as I can, because I usually don’t have so much time to do so. I think it goes great to combine studying and skiing when I go ski collage in Lycksele. I feel very comfortable here and the people are very kind and helpful.

Q: Looking ahead to next season.  Where do you start your goals list?
J.S.: This is my first year as senior so I haven’t really set up any goals. I’m trying to take everything as it comes and maybe later set up a few goals.