Cross-Country Talk: Kerttu Niskanen

22 April 2014 07:27
Kerttu NIskanen
Kerttu NIskanen -

Q: Kerttu, how did you recover after the season?

Kerttu Niskanen: It was a long season and I had a lot of races, but still I was not really tired after the winter. In many recent springs, at the end of the season, I’ve been really vital and in good shape and I’ve ended my season in mid-April. I am not going on any holiday this spring. I just want to stay at home in Vuokatti and in my hometown Vieremä.

Q: For both you and your brother  the 2013/14 season was very successful and you did a real breakthrough. What is the proudest moment of the winter? 

K.N.: My season was stable and good. Normally beginning of the season is always little hard for me, and I tend to pick up the pace during winter. The most memorable and impressive moment was Sochi Olympics. It was my first Olympics and I skied quite good there. It was so awesome to ski in both relay and team sprint, and get Olympic silver out of those events. It was even more whopping, because the hardest time of this season was just before Olympics. My heel got infected before the last training camp and it really hindered my training. Actually at times it seemed that I might not even get to the Olympics because of my heelproblem.

Q: Your oldest sister is a fashion designer. Does she give you advice when it comes to fashion?

K.N.: I wear Katri’s clothes on parties and galas and in my spare time. I like Katri’s designs, because they are really nice, comfortable and easy to transform for different occasions. Katri’s cloths are really feminine, but also very plain or classical in style. I also like to mix them with more sporty clothes and shoes. Because my sister is designer, I am nowadays more interested in fashion. It is always nice to get new ideas and tips. Especially when it comes to galas or functions I frequently ask my sisters help and advice.

Q: How did the success at the Olympic Games change your life? 

K.N.: I think that it did not change my life much. It was really fancy games and it gave me a lot.
Our success in Olympics was important to all people involved and watching Finnish cross country skiing.

Q: When do restart training? What is the plan for the summer? 

K.N.: I restart training in May. I do not have spesifics on national team training camps, but I believe that there will be many. I like to train in a group. I'm working hard towards next winter's World Championships in Falun.