Cross-Country Talk: Martin Jaks (CZE)

25 September 2014 11:44
Martin Jaks (CZE)
Martin Jaks (CZE) -

Last weekend, Czech Cross-Country skiers took part in the German performance tests in Oberhof (GER). Trail running, rollerskiing and skiing competitions tested the summer shape of the skiers. Martin Jaks was in good form as he landed twice on the podium. FIS Cross-Country news partner had a quick chat with the Czech skier after the competitions.

The Czech Cross-Country team is about to start the new season with a significantly younger team. How do you feel about that?

Before the Sunday’s competition in the ski tunnel, Aleš Razym and I noted that we were the oldest on the team. Lukas (Bauer) was missing but it was a change for us. I remember when we joined the team as rookies; we were the same youngsters as our teammates are. When we came to the team we brought a new energy. It’s similar now. They bring young spirit and vigor, which has helped not only me, but also the coaching staff. Naturally, young guys make some mistakes but that’s normal. They are working hard and are pushing us forward. That’s important.

After a long time you had a chance to compete last weekend. What do you think about the competitions in Oberhof?

I was third in the first race and lost to Lukas (Bauer) by only three seconds. He is a big benchmark as he is still a top Cross-Country skier and really good in running. On the second day in, 24 km classic on rollerskis, I finished fourth and it was quite ok. A few Russians were on the start and I think my performance was good. I am happy for the victory in the 10 km free in the ski tunnel on Sunday. So in general, I am satisfied with how I performed. I am looking forward to Liberec now (Czech rollerski nationals are taking place there this weekend).

How has been the training season so far? Did you make any changes?

I would say the off-season has gone as we had planned. We have done a lot of work and the tests in Oberhof showed we are on the right track. We have updated our training a little. They are now longer and we have worked more intensively on strength and power.

The FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Falun is going to be your fifth. How do you like the tracks in Falun? Do they suit you?

The tracks in Falun are good. There are fast downhills, steep climbs and the courses have a nice profiles. World Championships in Falun is of course the biggest goal for the season. I am looking forward to 15 km free, team sprint, relay, skiathlon. And the 50 km is always open. But when you are in shape you can manage everything. I guess 15km free will the race I will focus on most on.

In February your second daughter was born. How are your girls doing?

They are doing great. We are enjoying it a lot. Each moment at home is perfect. We have a big fun together. It is amazing watch them.