Cross-Country Talk: Teodor Peterson, SWE

12 February 2015 08:23
Teodor Peterson SWE
Teodor Peterson SWE -

FIS Cross-country caught up with 2-time Olympic medalist Teodor Peterson (SWE) during his recent training camp in Vålådalen, Sweden before the Østersund World Cup weeekend.

The next stop on the World Cup is in Ostersund, Sweden. This is where you live and train. It has a very unique sprint course design have you had a chance to ski on it?

They have been preparing it for maybe 2-3 weeks. It’s starting to look very good. I haven’t seen it in the past week as I have been training in Vålådalen about 90 minutes away from Ostersund. I think it will be a really good course and hopefully fun for the spectators. I haven’t had the chance to ski it yet.

Is there any risk of athletes trying to complete the classic sprint course on skate skis?

Definitely not possible. It would be really hard to do it for those that would try. The uphills are quite steep and you would lose too much time. The first uphill isn’t so steep that you would have to herringbone so striding should be faster.

From your results in Otepaa and the recent Swedish Championships it would appear that your shape is coming back at the right time leading into Falun?

Yeah I hope so. I think at least I am feeling better. I hope to go well in Ostersund and be better than the start of the season. It’s always hard to say how the shape is but it feels better. But how good it is is always hard to say.

The start of the season maybe didn’t go as planned. Was it a surprise to you? Or maybe the plan was to just focus on Falun?

You think that everything is perfect and when I skied it was like going well. I wasn’t tired in the prologues but then in the heats I had nothing. I took two weeks off after Otepaa and just trained very slow and not much and I think that has helped.

You decided to not go to altitude for your final training camp before the World Championships. Was that always your plan or it changed when the season didn’t go as you had hoped?

I wasn’t sure in the summer but the closer we got to the season and how it started I didn’t think it would be good for me to go to altitude to prepare. However, the plan was to come here to Vålådalen all along and it worked out well. It can be very cold there at this time of the winter but instead it was quite warm and the location worked out well.

The last time of the World Cup came to Falun, you won on the same sprint course that will be competed on for the World Championships. It is a course that suits you well?

I think so. At least it did last year. I was there at the beginning of January for a Scandinavian Cup and I didn’t get the same feeling then but I wasn’t in the same shape. It’s a more tactical course than most on the World Cup so I think it will be an exciting competition and I hope my shape is good enough to be there all the way to the finals.

You beat Emil Joensson in a photo finish in that sprint in Falun last year. Do you still have bigger boots than him?

Yes it was very close. I hope my boots are still bigger than his!

You are the 2014 Olympic bronze medalist in the team sprint. Do you have to fight for a position on the relay for Falun?

Yes, definitely. Last year I didn’t have the spot until a few days before in Sochi. It will be the same this year and I think in the free technique team sprint we have many good options. Both Emil, Calle and Marcus are strong options in the team sprint. It will be hard to get a spot but I will first focus on the individual sprint and if it goes well then maybe I can have a chance in the team sprint.

You and Emil were together in the team sprint in Sochi and got to share the bronze medal together. You are also fishing buddies. It must have bene nice to share a medal with not just a teammate but also a close friend?

We shared a room in Sochi and had a good time the whole time we were there. Both of us took a medal in the individual sprint and it was special to race together and get another medal. We live in the same town and train often together. It was for sure a special time in Sochi.