Curdin Perl and Guri Hetland on Matterhorn

12 September 2011 15:17

Swiss Cross-Country national team member Curdin Perl and Swiss Cross-Country team’s head coach Guri Hetland climbed one of the most beautiful and the most popular European peaks, 4478 m tall Matterhorn.

Last week the Swiss Cross-Country and Biathlon teams met on the Zermatt glacier to do some photo shooting. On Thursday evening Curdin Perl and Guri Hetland met in the mountain hut Hörnlihütte their guides Roberto and Thomas that led them to the summit.

“At 4:50 a.m. we started our four-hour journey to the top. In spite of sunny weather and fresh fallen snow we were almost alone,” writes Curdin Perl on his website. “It was fresh and windy below the summit but on the top it was calm again and we could enjoy the beautiful view,” writes Perl.

After three hour descent the group could celebrate a successful journey. “We were proud of the work we have done and had a small beer for celebration.

Not only Curdin Perl is a successful Cross-Country skier but also has become a mountain guide. “On Saturday and Sunday I made first two tours as the mountain guide. The two 4.000 m mountains were not that difficult but it was for me a new experience,” Curdin Perl says.

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