Curdin Perl is back in Cross-Country track

21 February 2011 14:26

After a one-week training break Curdin Perl returned to Cross-Country tracks and was training again.

“I felt well to train again but I have to be careful,” said Curdin on his page. Swiss World Championships starter Curdin Perl slipped out on an icy field while skiing in classical technique during the training camp in St. Moritz. Afterwards he felt pain in the right hernia and went for a check up to the hospital in St. Moritz where doctors found out that a inguinal hernia was the source for the pain.

Perl’s problem persist but member of the victorious relay in La Clusaz and number four in this year’s Tour de Ski will start at the World Championships in Oslo. “When I ski normally I do not feel any pain. However, when I do any uncontrolled movements then it hurts,” explained Perl. No surprise Perl was upset and disappointed when the accident happened. “The pain was especially strong in the beginning. It was not easy to explain people what happened,” revealed Perl. As he says he will take it easy in upcoming days and will see how healing proceeds. “I’m confident I will be able to make reports from Holmenkollen,” optimistically concludes Perl on his web page.

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