Czech Cross-Country skiers leave the glacier and head to the North

29 October 2012 11:35
Czech XC team on Dachstein
Czech XC team on Dachstein -

Sunshine and fresh powder snow offered an ideal background to the high altitude training camp of the Czech Cross-Country team that took place on the Dachstein glacier in Ramsau.

If you want to meet half of the Cross-Country skiing world, ranging from Poland’s Justyna Kowalczyk, Germany’s Axel Teichmann to long distance specialist Stanislav Rezac, Ramsau is the place to be in late October.

More time on the snow in the summer, speed comes later

“I like Dachstein very much and this time it was really perfect,” Dusan Kozisek praised the camp. “Conditions for skiing were truly ideal,” Jiri Magal added. “Fresh snow came so we could event train on new skis,” Ondrej Horyna concluded.

Leader of the Czech Cross-Country team Lukas Bauer spent on the glacier seventeen days and during his long career almost one year.

“The high altitude training camp is a stable part of the autumn training. Every year, I am here for two training camps. At the beginning it’s quite OK here but after three days it gets boring. I carried out everything what I had planned. I was missing just a little bit more of the powder snow but the snow conditions are good in Scandinavia, where we are leaving on the 2nd November,” Bauer explained on

Czech head coach Miroslav Petrásek built the summer training program differently from the previous years. “I wanted to be more often on the snow. We went three times to Ramsau and once to Oberhof. We used to carry out very hard trainings on the glacier, this year I tried to focus more volume and strength. Speed trainings will be on the schedule now in Muonio, before World Cups. The changes have been made having the main goal of the season, the World Championships in sight,” the head coach explained.


As the season is approaching fast, it’s time to speak about goals. “I do not want to speak too soon, but the off-season was very good and it should work also in the winter,” Martin Jaks claimed. “My priority is the World Championships in February, I will decide later which competition I will focus on. Second goal is the Tour de Ski, if it goes well I could collect many points in the overall World Cup. If it goes like that it would be perfect,” he smiled.

“Lukas did not join us at the second last high altitude camp but from what I have seen here, he will be all right for the first World Cups,” Petrasek commented the summer injury of Lukas Bauer.

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