Czech Cross-Country team is heading north

31 October 2011 12:53
Czech team in Ramsau
Czech team in Ramsau -

The Czech Cross-Country team is heading north. “I don’t have problems with that, I’m taking my head lamp with me. I know what to expect,” Lukas Bauer was smiling this morning at the Prague airport.

Czech Cross-Country skiers are heading towards the new season.

Via Oslo and Helsinki the team arrives in Lapland’s Kitilä in the evening. Final destination is one and half-hour by car farther. “We won’t be skiing today,” Dusan Kozisek knows. Service team set out for the journey with equipment on Saturday. “We gave them one bag. We are taking the other one on the plane,” Martin Jaks confirms.

Five men are going to take part in the last training camp in Muonio before the season. The rest of the team continues training on the Dachstein glacier. Ladies’ squad is waiting in Oberhof for more favorable snow conditions.

The Czech team had originally planned to go to Norwegian Geilo, which lies between Oslo and Bergen. However, poor snow conditions and lack of snow forced the team to change plans. In Muonio they have stored snow from last year and have mixed it with artificial snow. “They’ve prepared a 3 km lap but by the end of the week they will make it longer. We left roller skis at home,“ experienced Jiri Magal explains.

The team will be staying in Finland in huts just beside the course, nothing but peace and concentration. “We’ve trained very well but you might feel good in first race and finish 50th. We will see later on, “Magal adds.

“I’m feeling really good. I hope it will get even better in Finland,” Lukas Bauer said to Last week he had to undergo tough 8-hour tooth surgery but is not feeling any aftereffects. “I had to have my wisdom tooth pulled out three years ago in Muonio. So I hope it will good this time, “ Bauer smiles. “I want to be competitive as I have been couple of years now, therefore I train, and therefore I compete. I don’t distinguish between title and no title season, “Bauer explained

Bauer is training under the guidance of head coach Miroslav Petrasek on national team’s training camps, but he is always carrying with him plans from his current personal mentor, German coach Janko Neuber. “I need to be feeling ideal. Results in the races will define success rate and I need to feel that I have done everything in the best way until the last moment,” Bauer says.

The Czech ace is also aware of compatriot Martin Jaks. “It’s good for the whole team, isn’t it? He was pretty close to me already last season,” Bauer smiles. “It’s nice listening to this but I would be careful with predictions. Lukas will be once again among the best,” Martin Jaks said with modesty.

If there is enough snow, Beitostoelen will host Norwegian Cross-Country opening one week before the first FIS Cross-Country World Cup. On November 19-20 world’s best Cross-Country skiers will meet there at the World Cup kick off.

“I’m not thinking about what races I will take part in. I’m training and want to be prepared as good as possible,” sprint specialist Dusan Kozisek says. First World Cup sprint is scheduled in Kuusamo, one week after Beitostoelen.

“I’m really looking forward. Let’s see how the final preparation goes,“ the rookie in the team Ondrej Horyna says. Together with his coach Miroslav Petrasek the 24-year old skier set a goal – to crack top 30 twice in the season. “First races are tough but I believe I can make it, perhaps at FIS Tour de Ski,“ the free technique specialist and 2005 EYOWF winner adds.

Bauer and Jaks said goodbye to their wives. “You can’t do anything about it. We survived it even longer, more than a month before the Olympics,” Jaks says, who got married a month ago. “You never get used to it. You come back after a month and kids have grown a lot,” Lukas Bauer adds.

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