Dario Cologna and Bettina Gruber won Swiss Nordic Weekend at Andermatt

17 September 2013 10:47
Nordic Weekend Andermatt
Nordic Weekend Andermatt -
Markus Schild, nordic-online.ch

For the third time the Swiss Cross-Country family met in Andermatt for a Nordic Weekend. Dario Cologna once again proofed he likes stage events and dominated the three-day competition series. On the ladies' side Bettina Gruber took the overall win. 

The mini-tour started on Friday with a roller ski sprint prologue over 3.3 km. Dario Cologna took a narrow win on Joeri Kindschi who lost on the Olympic and World Champion only 0.8 sec. Youngster Roman Furger stay +1.9 sec back and took third place on the first day.

Saturday's program included roller ski distance race. It was again Dario Cologna who set the best time of 26:28.0 and edged out the runner up of the day Toni Livers by +6.3 sec. Jonas Baumman finished in third place.

The final stage of the mini-tour was a mountain trail running race. Candide Pralong was the quickest runner, however, Dario Cologna controlled the pace, finished in the second place and took the overall victory ahead of Candide Pralong and Jonas Baumann. 


You can find the complete results at: http://www.protiming.ch/results.aspx