Dario Cologna: Cautiously optimistic!

24 December 2013 08:47
Dario Cologna
Dario Cologna -

from nordic-online.ch

Today in Davos: A week after the World Cup Dario Cologna was seen in the skating technique on the local ski trails. A joy to watch him again: his movement looks rhythmically, his technique impressive.

In time for Christmas Dario hopes to be able to ski for 1 ½ hours, along with cross training for twice a day training. For four days he is at his residence in Davos again and enjoying it, to be traveling without a sled!

Dario Cologna

"There are days when it's going very well!", says Dario and adds, "the progress since the injury has been very good but I still need lot's of patience!" Especially with the classical technique, where he feels his injury the most.  "But each day it goes better." 

If everything goes according to plan Dario will contest his first race since injuring his ankle on the 10-12th January 2014 at the FIS Alpen Cup competitions in Chamonix.  Chamonix has all the disciplines on the program which makes it a wise decision to first start at a Continental Cup and then a week later in Poland at the World Cup.

When asked about the great results of his brother last weekend in Asiago, Italy "It is such a pleasure to watch him - in the double-pole training I'll have to step on the gas!" adds Dario.