Dario Cologna dominates second day of Ruka Triple

27 November 2010 13:02

Swiss Olympic Champion Dario Cologna was too strong for his contenders today.

He finished first in 10 km classic 6,7 seconds ahead of Alexander Legkov from Russia. Daniel Rickardsson from Sweden showed great performance as well and took the third spot.

Cologna started strong and was second behind Emil Joensson (SWE), who is the new leader of Ruka Triple, at the 5 km intermediate point. Legkov and Rickardsson were not under top three at the middle of the race but had a very strong finish.

In the multistage event Ruka Triple, Joensson is leading with 5,4 seconds ahead of Alexey Poltaranin who finished 18th today. Dario Cologna will start as third in tomorrow’s handicap race, 9,7 second behind the Swedish leader.

Cologna took over the World Cup lead after today’s stage with 15 points ahead of Marcus Hellner (SWE). On third spot with a gap of 34 points is Daniel Rickardsson (SWE).


Dario Cologna (SUI)

“I tried to find the correct speed, not starting too slow but at the same time, not too fast. I think my start was very good, and I had a good pace throughout the race. I'm very satisfied winning a classical race.

I'm definitely hunting Emil tomorrow being 9 second behind, it's going to be exciting in the last 5 km's. It seems like these mini tours fit me, as I like to have the chance to compete in different races and the fact that I still have the chance to win the triple tour tomorrow.“

Alexander Legkov (RUS)

“I'm happy with the race, I like the course and the weather. I had some problems in the beginning loosing my glasses, but after that it went ok. I'm definitely going for a victory tomorrow, winning the Triple Ruca. It's going to be hard, especially with the Swedes.”

Emil Jonsson (SWE) – Ruka Triple leader:

“I feel lucky and had a great day. If you had asked me about leading the Ruka triple yesterday, I would have said no. I wasn't thinking too much today, didn't even listen to my coaches, just going. I was really tired, cold and couldn't see properly in the end, so I'm just glad to be over with this race and happy to still be leading the overall Ruka triple. I don't have one specific favorite for tomorrow, I think it will be a very tight race where everything can happen. Hopefully with a Swede on the podium though.”