Dario Cologna happy with fitness and ready for the World Cup season and Sochi

09 November 2013 08:03
Dario Cologna
Dario Cologna -

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nordic-online.ch: You have had some important meetings with partners and sponsors in the past week.  How do you do that and make sure that your training is not neglected?

Dario Cologna: The dates are planned and I can adjust to it well.  I decide when I can make appointments and then do.  If I have an appointment away from home, I make sure that I have workouts such as a weight training that I can do in the evening after returning home.  During the season I'll be able to set up such appointments to be more convenient.  But I do like it, it is important dates for my partners and sponsors as well.   If it becomes too much I can always decline.

nordic-online.ch: There are three weeks until the World Cup opener in Kuusamo (FIN). What is your feeling after the first training sessions on snow on the glacier and Schnalstaler here in Davos?

Dario Cologna: My ski feeling is good with the training course and I am very happy and I'm healthy!   

nordic-online.ch: What is the other program?

Dario Cologna: Next Monday I am competing in the internal Swiss Ski Test match over 13 km in the classical technique. On 15 November 2013 I will spend 10 days in Kiruna (SWE).  Then on the 23-24 of  November, I will undergo another fitness test in a Kiruna race and then travel to Kuusamo for the start of the World Cup season. 

nordic-online.ch: Sochi - 23 February 2014 - 50 km - mass start free technique?

Dario Cologna: The 50 km is the conclusion of the Olympic Games, the medal ceremony is at the closing ceremony in Sochi.  This is a highlight and a big thing for me.  I am looking forward to this race in Sochi!

nordic-online.ch: There are 3 weeks left until the World Cup opener in Kuusamo (FIN) - What is important for you now?

Dario Cologna: Recharge my batteries, eat well and possible take a few days in my home here in Davos in the sun before we travel to the Far North. Then I'm ready!

Dario, nordic online.ch wish you many sunny days, good health and good luck!